Rumours about the presumed illness of Kim Jong-un, denied by officials

Rumours about Kim Jong-un

The rumours about the presumed illness of Kim Jong-un were denied by officials from South Korea. The latest headlines have been speculating about the North Korean leader and his possible illness. Although the suppositions were saying that Kim Jong-un was “grave ill” and even “brain-dead” after recovering from a surgery that never happened, the presidential office from Seul denied his health issues.

It all started when…

The speculations have started on April 15, after Kim Jong-un missed the celebration of his grandfather. This being an extremely important event, which he had never missed before, the media started investigating. However, without any solid proofs, rumors about his fake illness started to spread very quickly.

The Korean leader was seen in public on April 12 while chairing a key political meeting and he was looking relaxed and healthy. However, it didn’t stop the false information to spread. The media did not report his attendance at this event.

The first speculation

It all began when an anonymous source told the Daily NK that Kim Jong-un has been struggling with cardiovascular problems since August and that the disease worsened after his repeated travels to Mount Paektu.

And from that, there was no turning back. This statement led to a wave of international propaganda, all based on the same unreliable source. It didn’t stop there because later on, the US media started reporting that the leader was not only sick but in critical condition!

The rumors were eventually denied by the Korean officials, saying that Kim Jong-un has never had heart surgery.

Not the first time rumors get out of control

Kim Jong-un has been the victim of rumors before. More specifically, in 2014, when he disappeared for 40 days. This sparked the curiosity and creativity of media, making them speculate that he’d been ousted in a coup by other political grandees. After returning with a cane, the story seemed even more plausible. The state media said that he was suffering from an “uncomfortable physical condition”, without addressing the other rumors.

What if?

If anything happens to the North Korean leader, it is not perfectly clear who would be his successor. The most obvious choice would be his sister, Kim Yo-jong, who’s been making various apparitions in media lately.

What next? We can’t know for sure when it comes to the North Korean leadership, that being the reason why unreliable information sources should be avoided, especially in this kind of situation.

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