Romania versus COVID-19 and corruption

Romania versus COVID-19 and corruption

We are currently living in a world dominated by coronavirus, corruption, global warming, diseases, influencers etc. Romania is one of the countries which has all these characteristics. 

The reason why I chose to write about COVID-19 and corruption together is because in my opinion, the pandemic and its evolution are strongly tied to the corruption that dominates the Romanian political class.

Romania during the coronavirus pandemic 

The coronavirus pandemic came into our lives when we least expected it and changed our lifestyles forever. But as time passed, big companies such as Pfizer created a vaccine which offered immunity against COVID-19. Many countries dealt with the pandemic in the best way they could think of. For example, Romania chose to impose quarantine and people were allowed to leave their homes only for special reasons.   

 Romania has become the country known as the one where people are so stubborn that they do not get vaccinated against coronavirus, as they are being influenced by certain social personalities who do not have medical studies or even knowledge in the medical field. I mean, why would they listen to a doctor who has spent so many years in school learning and, researchers who studied and restudied the effects of the vaccine. 

Romania is also bad at informing its citizens and that is accentuated by the political class which does not know how to properly inform that the vaccine is safe and that it is also the principal factor with the help of which, the pandemic could have a finish line.   

Here we are, the month of October, 2021, close to 20.000 cases a day, and people are still choosing not to vaccinate as they think about the vaccine’s after effects, in spite of all the things are happening in hospitals and the restrictions they will have to abide by. 


Romania and corruption  

Moreover, corruption is also widely spread and practiced in our country. Why? Because some politicians only want what is best for themselves, and they do not think and care about the vital trait of a politician: to think first about the citizens’ needs and thoughts.  

And more often that we can think of, the Romanian political class does not have these characteristics, which are so important for a country to have a fluid and healthy development and growth. Sadly, our most beloved country is in great need of better politicians with bright ideas which may help in the process of taking this country to a greater level of evolution.  

 That is why we have so many young people, whose names will become so widely known and acknowledged, with extraordinary and amazing ideas. who are willing to do everything in their power to change this country and to turn it into a better version of itself and for its people.  


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