Romance novels that will make you cry your heart out


I don’t know why, but romance novels are my guilty pleasure. I take it as a way to relieve my emotions and that makes me feel better. So far I have read many books because reading is one of the things I love doing. I chose a few romance novels that I read with tears in my eyes and that followed me for a long time after I finished them. These are my suggestions:

1.The fault in our stars by John Green

I have read this book twice and I am thinking of doing it again soon. I find it impossible not to cry at the end of this book, no matter how unemotional you are.

This book is about Hazel Grace, a young woman with cancer. She is pushed by her parents to join a support group where she meets Augustus Waters, a boy who is enchanted by her. Slowly, Hazel begins to fall in love with him. The book shows us her love story with all its ups and downs and, the life of a cancer patient and all the heartbreaking or joyful moments of this life.

2.Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng

I heard about this book from a friend of mine. The way she talked about the book made me want to read it too. It’s one of my favorite books now.

Everything I never told you is the drama of the Lee family. Personality traits, desires, thoughts, frustrations of family members are woven like a spider’s web, with consequences on others. An inappropriate thing done by the mother will affect them and cause a crack, which can be understood and covered only when the inevitable happens.

This book refers to all the things that were not said, that should have been said at the right time, to hidden and unfulfilled dreams and desires, to the hiding of the truth so as not to hurt those around you.

3.Ugly love by Coleen Hoover

I’ve been a big fan of this writer since I read the book -Slam.

At first glance, Ugly love seems like a simple unsuccessful and toxic love story, which focuses on the negative, often neglected, aspects of love. Although it begins by presenting love in a light that makes you look away from it rather than looking for it, the message that emerges at the end of the reading is still full of hope. Even in the most degradable. moments of his, love will always remain a noble feeling, able to make your life more beautiful.

Ugly love is one of the romance novels that sticks to your soul and refuses to leave.

4.Me before you by Jojo Moyes

Even if there is a screenplay of this story, I think the book is a hundred times better. Me before you, it’s a love story for today’s generation, about an unexpected love between two people who have nothing in common. A romantic and unpredictable book, which will challenge readers to ask themselves what to do when, for the sake of the one you love, you have to sacrifice your own happiness. This book deeply contrasts the lives of Louisa and Will- two people who fall deeper in love, oblivious of what fate has in store for them. Will, being a quadriplegic man has a desire to kill himself while Louisa, his caretaker tries to change his mind. This novel is beautiful, heartbreaking, and will definitely leave you sobbing. It’ll change your perspective towards life, love and everything you hold dear to your heart.

5.Eleanor&Park by Rainbow Rowell

The book tells the story of Eleanor and Park, two 16-year-old teenagers who discover love for the first time. She is a little fatter, redder and full of freckles. She says she looks exactly like her mother, even though for now she describes herself as the ugly duckling. This is one of the most innocent and adorable books I have ever read. Eleanor & Park is more than a book for teenagers. Is a book for anyone who wants to relive the thrills of first love, to smile with the characters, but also to suffer for them when fate proves unfavorable.



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