Review | To all the boys I loved before 2: Peter or John?


I know, I know, you’ve seen this title everywhere and it’s impossible to avoid it. To all the boys I loved before 2 – PS. I still love you has rapidly become one of the popular movies on Netflix. Its success is still growing! So, what’s the deal?


You can skip this part if you haven’t seen the movie. What happens in this film that makes people love it? Nothing, to be honest. It’s just a simple teen comedy-romance or something of this genre, I couldn’t define it exactly. Lara Jean portrayed by Lana Condor is a shy teen who used to write a love letter every time she fell in love. So, she has written 5 love letters to all the boys she loved, one of them being the elder sister’s ex. Her little sister Kitty finds her collection of letters and mails them. At school, the guys who have received the letter come to her and reject her for different reasons. When Josh, her sister’s ex, tries to reach her, she kisses Peter Kavinsky played by Noah Centineo who came to talk to her about the letter. Later, she explains to him everything, but Peter seems very calm. He proposed to fake-date so he can make his ex jealous.

Of course, as the movie goes on they fall in love, she realizes she loves him he realizes she is the only one for him, on fast-forward, they continue their love story in the second part `P. S. I still love you`. 

To all the boys I loved before better than P. S. I still love you

It depends. I’m not the kind of person who loves sequels so it didn’t surprise me when I felt like I could have done something better with my time. `P. S: I still love you` has the same atmosphere of teen innocence (which is not a bad thing, in fact, this surprised me), the same romantic ambiance, the same everything. Nothing new, nothing innovative, if you think twice, maybe you have already seen this movie before. Why do I think so? Because it’s the kind of movie that has the same plot, just put in another scenery with different actors.

This time the challenge is represented by a guy who received Lara’s letter but at that moment was in another city.  Now he comes back. Conveniently for a little tension in our perfect relationship, don’t you think? This guy, John Ambrose portrayed by Jordan Fisher, seems amazing. Guys, believe me when I say, when he smiles I feel like he smiles for me. But he’s not my type, he’s Lara Jean’s type. They are a match so good that she doubts her feelings for Peter with whom she doesn’t have many things in common. I won’t say what’s her choice, you have to find out.

Still, with this complication, if you can call Jordan Fisher a complication, the movie shows us why comedies and especially the romantic ones should not have sequels. It looks unnatural. It looks fake. The new guy, her doubts and everything else look planned. Even Peter Kavinsky is less important in this sequel. I’ve wanted to see Noah Centineo ambitious, convinced that he wants Lara Jean and only Lara Jean, ready to fight for her.

TO ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE 2: Stream it or skip it? 

If you don’t love sequels or if you have better things to do with your time or a better movie to spend your night with, go for it. You won’t lose a thing and Instagram and Twitter will make sure you know every single detail. But, if you really want to see in what direction this story goes or you want a cotton-candy, a little bit of vintage comedy, just go for it. You won’t regret it, especially because of Lana Condor, who surprised me with her acting.

From 1 to 5 stars, I give this movie a whopping 2.5. 

I want to hear your opinion on this movie so make sure you comment down below what you think.

Photo source: A still from “To all the boys I loved before 2: PS. I still love you” (Youtube, Netflix) 



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