Review: The Crown and the British monarchy – the greatest season yet


In the past four years, the royal show The Crown has gained such popularity that it broke viewership records. It bewitched the show’s fanatics from the very first season and kept them fascinated until the very last oneFor those who are unfamiliar with the TV series, The Crown tells the story of the British monarchy and the events Britain comes across during the reign of Elizabeth II.  

The first two seasons cover Elizabeths coronation. They give us a closer insight into the young queen’s life as she struggles to juggle between being a wife, mother, and head of state. A transition occurs in the third season when the whole cast is replaced by new actors. The Queen and her Prince Consort face the challenges of middle age, while their children experience adolescence.  

Peter Morgan has done a fantastic job in creating these past three seasons. However, nothing can be compared with the latest one. Season 4 blew up everyone’s expectations as it portrays the most talked about events and people in British history. 

The rise of the ‘Iron Lady’ 

In this season of The Crown, Thatcherism is on the rise. Britain gets its first female Prime Minister, while the Queen (Olivia Coleman) meets her new rival. The director sheds light on Margaret‘s role as a leader of a male-dominated government, her incredibly controversial approaches, and her tense relationship with Her Majesty. Gillian Anderson was impeccable in portraying Mrs. Thatcher. She nails her role as the former PM to perfection. Some even argue that her performance was more convincing than the one from 2011 by Meryl Streep. 

Charles and Diana’s “love story” 

In British culture, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were the main attraction from the very early days of their relationship. They were expected to deliver an unforgettable love story. However, the fairy tale that everyone was looking forward to turned into a vicious love triangle. It almost ruined the Royal family’s reputation. Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin’s acting is definitely praiseworthyThe on-stage spouses show us both Charles and Diana’s perspectives on their marriage and their thoughts on carrying the burden of being a royal member. 

The overshadowed Princesses 

Diana’s appearance casts a great shadow on Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) and Princess Anne (Erin Doherty). But the TV series doesn’t miss an opportunity to give the viewers a chance to take a peek at their turbulent lives as well. On one hand, Morgan provides brilliant insight into Margaret’s fight with mental illness. Furthermore, he also has a glance at her fear of losing her position in the family as Elizabeth’s children take over most of the royal responsibilities. This leaves the Princess with a feeling of voidOn the other hand, we witness a troubled Princess Anne. She struggles to keep her own marriage alive while being well aware of the Royals’ attitude towards divorce. 

All in all, it is sufficed to say that season 4 has left us thirsty for more. The shifts in political power, the mockery of marriage, the skeletons kept in the closet are reasons why people have gone bonkers about Peter Morgan’s historical drama. The latest season of The Crown is without a doubt worth watching as it fixates on how the British monarchy had dealt with some of the most prominent changes and challenges. 



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