Review: 4 most popular clothing stores (Part 2)

Review: 4 most popular clothing stores (Part 2)
Last time I’ve talked about some of the most famous brands of clothes which have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preferences.
This time I’m back with some other four amazing clothing stores where I went to discover the latest fashion trends and again, I’ll tell you my honest opinion about them:

1. Lee Cooper

A store which I’ve been to only two, maybe three times, but recently I wasn’t so pleased by their new clothes. The place is still fascinating, I always liked their way of decorating the stores, in that British style.

However, the clothes aren’t my style, I rarely find something that I really like, but this is just my point of view. The clothes are usually for people who prefer a casual or comfortable style. When it comes to the prices, not only me, but some of my friends considered that most of them were a bit too high for their quality. I think people prefer to pay more for the brand than for the clothing itself.

All in all, the place looks nice, some of the clothes look good, it depends on your preferences. Therefore, if you’ve never been to this store before, I suggest you should give it a try and see for yourself.

2. Sinsay

Personally, I really like this place, not only for the variety of clothes but also for its other accessories, like jewellers, hats, purses, etc. Most of the things from this store can be adored by persons who like cute or fancy concepts.

The place, however, looks a bit simple and ordinary, I would really like to see more colour since the clothes are really nice and look stunning, but it’s their way of decorating, I’m not complaining about this too much. After all, clothes are the ones that need to stand out more than the place itself.

Another thing about this store that I found like an advantage (for my wallet, especially), is the prices of almost everything, including the clothes. I can say everyone is able to buy from this store and look chic, cool or beautiful while saving some money. So, for beginner fashionistas, this store might be a great start to being up to date with fashion.

3. Zara

Another store where I found clothes that match my preferences and my style. I always like to see what’s new in their stores, because they have so many clothes for any style. And, like Sinsay, they also have some pretty accessories, which I’m a big fan of.

The place looks modern and fancy, which can give you a feeling of being a trendy and important person (or at least, this is what I feel every time I enter this store). However, the place matches the prices as well. I’m not going to lie, I love their clothes, but I’m a bit annoyed because I can afford as many things as I want from this store. But even if the prices are high, I think some of the clothes are worth the money.

4. Stradivarius

I can say this store is almost the same as Zara, an elegant and luxurious-looking place, with so many stylish clothes which can be affordable by some people. I usually like to buy only jewellery and accessories from this place, but if I see something that I love, for example, a cute crop top or some stunning pair of shoes, I try to save money to buy it.

There are so many clothes with different styles that you can try, and the variety of accessories is impressive every time I go shopping here. I also consider this place a perfect store for people who have different kinds of styles and preferences.

Review: 4 most popular clothing stores (Part 2)

These are the stores that I’ve been to before the pandemic. I hope when everything will come back to normal, I will get a chance to go shopping in many other clothing stores.


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