Respect – A must for success


It was a cold day. I was walking angrily, disinterested in everyone and everything. I couldn’t even care if someone died in front of me. And I was watching the people, the shops, the workers who were trying their best to make their bosses happy, although their efforts were never appreciated. So… let’s talk about respect.

Workers are trying, every day, to be perfect and good enough, to please their boss. But at the end of the day, it is useless. They are insulted and their work is not appreciated as it should be. Sometimes, at the end of the month, they find out that they’ve received less money than they should have.

So, what is respect?

Disclaimer: In this article, I will present my opinion. In case you don’t agree with it, I invite you to express yourself in the comments section. What can go wrong? I assume whatever may happen afterward.

That’s how the world works? That’s how we should be?

I don’t think so. I believe in what’s called RESPECT. I’m not a social analyst, I’m not in the position to judge anyone or anything. I’m not the one who has the right to tell someone how should they be treated, but I do believe respect is essential, just like every breath you take.

Be honest with me.

Just tell me how many times you have been treated indifferently. Just because the person you depend on treats you with inferiority, you can’t say anything because that person has the POWER? How does it feel when you can’t say anything? How does it feel when you’re not respected as a human being? It’s not a good feeling at all. So why the heck isn’t your boss respecting you?

Give me two seconds to tell you how it would be to be respected, how it would be if your boss listened to you and forgot about their superiority complex.

Let’s say you’re just a waiter. You really tried your best when you were still in school but you weren’t so lucky after the final exams. Now, look at you. You’re working 10 hours a day and now you’re exhausted.

You finish your shift for the day and guess what? The “boss” is coming.

Oh, God. He isn’t going to like what you did, he’s going to yell at you. And the worst part is that he’s going to cut your pay.  You are never going to hear him say: “You did such a good job today, you can go home now!” because that kind of person is almost impossible to find at your workplace.

Being able to respect people reveals your true character and intelligence level. Because a good boss is always kind to their employees and tries to understand and help them so they can live a little easier.

Now, if you’re a boss and you don’t behave like the one in my example above, you’re a bastard. If you are working for someone like the person I’ve just described, just get out of there, you are NOT A SLAVE. So what if you didn’t finish your studies? So what if you are just a waiter?

As humans we want to be respected. Read more about that, right there!

You deserve to be respected no matter what!

Author: Cristea Alexandru


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