Replacing Humans with Canine Electoral Candidates


Have you ever thought that the political system needs some changes in order to offer the stability we desire? Well, citizens of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky have found the solution: canine electoral candidates! Yes, you heard it right! They have been electing dogs for mayors since 1998!

The History of Rabbit Hash’s Canine Electoral Candidates

It all started when a man called Don Claire came up with the idea to elect animals in public positions. In 1998, a dog named Goofy was elected as the first mayor of the community. Kentucky is one of the more conservative states in America. So people were thrilled to finally see a positive change.

Unfortunately, the first-ever dog mayor passed away soon. However, the Rabbit Hash Historical Society decided that a new canine mayor will be elected. It became a tradition.

What Are the Benefits of This Election?

Citizens of Rabbit Hash were happy to vote for canine electoral candidates. Therefore, the Rabbit Hash Historical Society decided to use it to raise funds. Each vote costs $1 and the money goes to maintaining the well-being of the town.

This includes restoring old buildings, public institutions and keeping a green environment. The organisers call it “the only honest election in the country.” Everybody wins: people have fun watching the lovely dogs and they also help society.

This Year’s Election Breaks the Records 

This year, as you might know, Joe Biden holds the record for the highest number of votes in history for a US presidential election. If you are interested in reading more about his victory, click here to see our article about it.

However, Wilbur Beast, a six-month-old puppy and the new mayor of Rabbit Hash, has also broken the record for the biggest number in the history of Rabbit Hash’s elections, with a total of 22,985 votes. If you want to find more information about the dog mayor, click here.

Why Are People in Favour of Canine Electoral Candidates?

Wilbur’s keeper, Amy Noland, says she thinks her dog’s campaign has brought a lot of positivity in people’s lives. She believes that people have come to enjoy the festivities in Rabbit Hash. They also donated and helped the community. “I’ve gotten thousands of messages from people I don’t know just saying, ‘Thank you so much.’ It was a great distraction for everyone.” Noland said.

In the end, everyone can use some distraction from the tension of human politicians. So why not vote a canine mayor?


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