Reign: 4 reasons to say it’s not accurate

Reign: 4 reasons to say it's not accurate

Let’s talk about reigns! Reign is an American historical romantic drama series following the early exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots, but it’s not that accurate as it wants to be. Her life isn’t historically accurate. It is presented basic, incorrect details. For example, new characters, supernatural elements (vengeful ghosts and life-threatening prophecies). A new character is invented,  an illegitimate half-brother named Bash, the brother of Mary’s promised husband  Francis so that the series can spice things up with a love triangle. It’s a good drama, people who love historical content might enjoy it. By the end, the plots gained the right to be worth watching.


The whole thing with Bash is necessary. His involvement and the pagans practicing dark magic weren’t quite accurate and more unnecessary. It got bored and the whole plot of the story isn’t related to this. Francis had 2 half-siblings, Clarissa and Sebastian (Bash), and 8 more siblings from his parent’s marriage (3 died as infants). But, historically speaking, it’s inaccurate. In fact, Francis had 9 siblings from his parent’s marriage and 3 known illegitimate siblings.


The truth is that Henry II never had an affair with any of Mary’s Ladies. In the show, he has an affair with Kenna. Actually, he had an affair, but it wasn’t like that. He had an illegitimate son with Mary’s Scottish governess, Janet Fleming. Also, Queen Catherine is accused of having an affair too. She is accused of having a baby. In reality, Catherine de Medici never had an affair.

She really loved Henry and during that time, if a queen committed adultery, they would be punished by death. In reality, Mary’s ladies were all named “Mary”: Mary Fleming, Mary Seton, Mary Beaton, Mary Livingston. In the show, they are presented as Lola Narcisse, Greer Castelroy, Kenna, Aylee.


In reality, Francis was short and because of his health problems, he couldn’t have children. In the show, the story is presented differently, is presented in a way making us think that they didn’t have the time to have children because he died sooner. Because they had ups and downs and only after a long time they had a chance to be happy together, but it was too late.

In reality, Mary wore the weeds for a long time, she grieved for her husband and didn’t get any closure with another man. In the show, she looked for another man. Indeed, in the show, she looked for another for political reasons but she did fell in love again; in reality, she didn’t. She remained faithful with her soul for Francis.

In the show, after he died, Mary had more husbands: Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, and James Hepburn (fourth Earl of Bothwell), one of which she had children with except for Darnley. But in reality, Mary had no children with Francis, she had 1 son by her second husband: who became King James VI of Scotland and James I of England. Indeed, it was a moment when she thought she is pregnant with Francis’s baby, but shortly after Henry II’s death, Mary realized she wasn’t.


In the show, Queen Elisabeth marries Philip of Spain in 1557, but in reality, she marries him in 1559. But, in 1557, Philip was still married to Mary Tudor. In the show, Catherine murdered Diane de Poitiers because she found out that she was the one who killed her infant twin daughters.

But, historically speaking, this is not quite true. First of all, Diane died in 1566 (she lived in a beautiful palace after Catherine banished her from the French Court).  In reality, it’s uncertain. Some think that she died by accidental, unintentional poisoning. She had a strange habit, she drunk drinkable gold- because she thought that it would preserve her youth.

In reality, isn’t that accurate? Catherine and Henry did have twin daughters: Princess Joanna & Princess Victoria of Valois. But, their twins were not murdered. They died in infancy: Joanna when she was still in the uterus and Vicotria after 7 weeks after she was born and after them, there were no more children, actually.

In the show, Francis’s coffin is taken away to be buried. But, historically speaking, Francis’ resting place is the Basilica of Saint-Denis, (his parents and several siblings rest there as well).

In the show, Mary Stuart was beheaded because everyone thought that she was involved in the murder of Henry Stuart because she feared that he will take custody of James VI of Scotland and England.

She had a forbidden lover named lord Bothwell and he was the one who murdered him. They both were sentenced to death. In reality, Mary was sentenced to death because of a plot against Queen Elizabeth in 1587.


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