Regular Show- what makes it so special

Regular Show
Cartoon Network's Regular Show follows the misadventures of a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby.
Regular Show, as far as my childhood went at least, was the absolute best when it came to animated series. But have you ever wondered what exactly made it so enjoyable to watch?

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Well, this article will be focused on finding out the exact tools that the producers used in order to create the beloved characters of Regular Show and why you love them so much.


Starting out with the characters, the producers made it so that they portray relatable types of people that you feel close to. For example, Mordecai is always seen as the loser, but everyone loves the loser. Rigby, on the other hand, is the overconfident  and immature character that is still, somehow, just as enjoyable as Mordecai, making the unique duo between the two.

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Another idea is the fact that almost all episodes are seen through the perspective of the duo, whilst they interact with whichever magical forces they encounter in the 10 minutes in which the series runs.

Also, although the seriesis rated at 10+, the general jokes and adult undertone are easily noticeable by teenagers watching the series, but they are not done in a vulgar way, maintaining the clean aspect.

Moving on to the structure of the episodes, it starts being pretty obvious how the two characters complete each other. Although Mordecai is wiser, Rigby, out of his non-sensical processes of thought, rules Mordecai to the path of destruction, thing that happens almost in every single episode. They have no literal plan for whatever they are trying to achieve, and the goal is always something silly, such as avoiding doing the house work or trying to repair things while risking their lives just to not be kicked out of the park.

Another great aspect of the show that makes it so unique is the way the products on television are advertised in the fictional universe of Regular Show.

Literally anything they see on television is an excuse for their next life-threatening adventure: Eggscelent Challenge, Death Sandwich, and many other products that tend to be a little out of the ordinary, yet relatable and able to make the audience laugh.

Moving on, another thing that they used in the right way is the music. The episodes are literally filled with 80’s pop songs which not only make the episodes iconic but also give credibility to the overall image of the show, also managing to transform whatever the two are doing into something enjoyable, legendary almost.

Finally, what makes Regular Show so unique is the fact that the chaos that is produced in 11 minutes of screen time is absolutely unbelievable. Not only the chaos itself, but how everything comes back to normal, giving Regular Show the image of a “good” chaotic series, filled with interesting events that keep the viewer active, almost making the viewer part of the show through its relatable aspect.



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