Reasons why you should visit Croatia as soon as possible

Croatia travel country
When you’re thinking of travelling and cool places you can visit, you’re thinking of countries like Spain, Italy or Greece! I mean most people know why they should travel to those countries and what to do. Not gonna lie, I like those countries as well, but I think it’s high time we promoted other countries that aren’t just as popular. With that being said, I have a country on my mind which is Croatia. Who would’ve thought? Do you want to travel to Croatia? Yes, you do? Well, today I’m going to list a few reasons why you should travel to Croatia as soon as possible.

1.The value is still good

Because of the fact that it has become part of the EU quite recently (in 2013) and it also kept its currency (the kuna), most things are accessible to tourists (1 kuna= 0.13 euros). Moreover, you can book nice hotels and eat at lovely places, which isn’t something you can often do while on holiday!


2. It is a perfect mix of beaches and mountains

Do you want to visit both the beach and the mountains on a holiday, but don’t know how? You can do this in Croatia! There is a mountain range called Bikovo and there’s the second highest peak (Sveti Jure – 1762m). And guess what? It’s just a few kilometers away from the sea! If you ask me, it’s super fun! You can go hiking and feel like you’re on the top of the world and later, you can lie on the beach and eat some ice-cream. As someone who loves both the sea and the mountains, it’s a perfect spot!

3. It has cool museums

While I was visiting Zagreb, I noticed this interesting museum called “Museum of Broken Relationships”. I found the title interesting, so I went in there. It’s probably one of the coolest museums I’ve ever visited! It has mundane, everyday objects and you might think: “What’s the catch?”. Well, the catch is that those objects have captions near them, which explain their relevance in a failed relationship. It’s basically a museum about breakups, hence the name, but it explores different aspects about breakups, such as love, pain, irony, drama or humor. This museum became so popular that it has opened in various parts of the world. Even in Romania for a few days, check this out!
Another cool museum you can visit is the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you are an art fan, you should definitely visit it! There are mainly works of various Croatian artists, but there are works of international artists as well.
The picture below was taken by me in 2016 when I visited this museum in Croatia.

4. It is rich in history

In this country, you can find over 2000 years of history. There are many buildings full of history and open to visitors, such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the Dubrovnik City Halls. As for the capital city, Zagreb, there are many things you can visit, such as St. Mark’s Square, Lotrščak Tower, Zagreb Cathedral, St. Catherine’s Church and many more!
This is the Zagreb Cathedral when I visited it:
Reasons why you should visit Croatia as soon as possible

5. The food is delicious

Who doesn’t love food? I think food is one of the most outstanding cultural aspects of a country. Because of the fact that Croatia varies from sea to mountains, the food is various as well. It is divided into Dalmatian food, Istrian cuisine and Continental cuisine (because of the regions). This food was heavily influenced by countries such as Hungary, Italy or Turkey.
In the places that are near sea, seafood is popular, obviously. In Dalmatia, you can find all sorts of seafood, such as fish, squid and even octopus.
If you don’t like seafood, there are other options. For example, you can try this traditional meal called Cevapcici! They are basically small sausages made from different types of meat.
This is Cevapcici:
Reasons why you should visit Croatia as soon as possible

Once this pandemic is over, I heavily recommend you visit this wonderful country.  What are you waiting for? Travel to Croatia! Not only is it rich in culture and history, but it’s also very fun!



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