Reasons why you should never wear makeup when working out


There is no doubt, acne is a problem that affects our self-esteem and can even trigger depression. This is one of the reasons why many of us cannot give up foundation even at the gym. But this habit can create even bigger skin problems, say dermatologists. Selfies posted on social networks lead more and more young women to wear makeup when when working out, which is not exactly healthy for the skin. If you go to the gym, you have certainly noticed that the effort made you sweat and inevitably your makeup will stretch and be unsightly. Here’s why you should never wear makeup when working out:

1.Makeup clogs pores

The makeup is applied on the face with the role of giving the skin a flawless appearance and hiding small imperfections. When you go to the gym, your body temperature rises. This causes your face to warm up. This dilates the pores and triggers the absorption process, and the makeup will penetrate inside blocking the pores. This is how the unsightly blackheads appear.

2.Applied at the gym, the makeup will dry your face

Avoid putting on makeup when going to the gym, especially if you have dry skin. The makeup will do nothing but dry your skin even more. In combination with sweat that has a very high Ph, your skin will be irritated and dermatitis can occur.

3.Your skin will look aged

If you are worried about wrinkles on your face, it would be better not to put on makeup when you go to fitness. Makeup will collect a lot of impurities on your face, giving the impression of an aging complexion.

4.Makeup prevents the elimination of toxins

When you do sports, your body tries to regulate the temperature, and this happens through sweating. With perspiration, toxins are eliminated from your body. If you choose to put on makeup, the foundation will prevent the sweat from evaporating, as your skin will suffer.

5.We touch many surfaces with bacteria

We are touching a lot of surfaces filled with bacteria at the gym — bike handles, yoga mats, and free weights to name a few. According to a study done in 2008, we tend to touch our faces an average of 16 times an hour. Wearing make-up gives the bacteria from our hands something to hold onto.

Although wearing makeup to the gym won’t cause any permanent damage, like premature aging, it’s still not good for your skin. Ideally, you should remove your makeup before your workout with a gentle gel or foam cleanser.



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