Reasons why I strongly refuse to drink coffee(or consume caffeine)


Coffee, while an extraordinary energiser, a metabolism fastener and a strong hand of help for your digestive system… can also harm your health.

Here is my opinion on drinking coffee: the reasons why I refuse to.

Nowadays, people as young as 14, 13, or even 12, start their day with a cup of bitter coffee in order to feel woken up. Although that may temporarily help, it can cause lots and lots of damage longterm.

Ignoring the fact that it raises your blood pressure, your sugar-levels, your cholesterol… Here are the reasons why I strongly refuse to drink coffee:

Caffeine is addictive

This is not just a myth you’ll hear your older neighbours tell you: “Young one, I’m drinking even 6 coffees a day, you would better take it easier with caffeine”. Coffee really has drug-like addictive effects.

Studies have shown that people who consume at least 100 milligrams of caffeine a day (the approximate equivalent of a cup of coffee) for as long as half a month, later present physical transformations in their brain. This is the start of caffeine addiction.

Caffeine addiction even has pretty obvious withdrawal symptoms. The most common ones are excessive dehydration and thirst, the seek for coffee, exhaustion, lethargy, nausea, muscle stiffness, cramps and pain, unbearable sadness, anxiety, palpitations, trembling.

Weight gain

You may choose to drink this beverage regularly because you have heard that it helps you lose weight. But is there actually any truth behind this hypothesis?

This is halfway true. Yes, coffee speeds up your metabolism rate and helps you digest food easier, but it also increases your appetite for sugar.

If you think you can just as easily drink coffee and ignore this high appetite for sugar, you are so, so wrong. Denying the lust for sugary foods or snacks will stress out your organism even further. Doing so will get you sick in a matter of days.

Loss of calcium and hypocalcemia

What caffeine does calcium content-wise, is that it increases the amount of calcium eliminated through urine. Thus, your bones and muscles will get weaker, they will hurt more and, obviously, break easier.

Sleep-loss and restlessness

I’m guessing that the fact that coffee changes your sleep routine drastically is enough well-known. Besides the fact that it may make you feel so energetic that you can’t go to bed, when its effects go away, you could feel so tired that you cannot seem to get out of bed or even wake up.

A similar effect of drinking coffee would be restlessness. If you drink multiple cups of coffee a day for its taste, or because you’re just used to doing it, you may sometimes ask yourself if you have got ADHD.

That’s just caffeine raising your energy levels. While it may feel like an absolutely awesome experience, to have enough energy to do all the things you want, when the caffeine goes away, you will feel even more drained than before.

Of course, there are some reasons why I would drink coffee. These would be increased energy amounts, increased metabolism, high levels of brain activity (linked to the further development of intelligence), easier digestion etc.

Even though these may make coffee sound like the potion of life, I feel like the risks are bigger.
You get to choose, though.

Do you drink coffee for the energy or do you avoid drinking it because of the higher risk of osteoporosis?

If you want to read more about the cons of drinking coffee, check this out.


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