Reading – a weapon against stupidity


All around us dangerous things happen all the time. We’re constanly concerned when we’re reading news about migrations of our co-nationals. More and more parents, even youth, are leaveing, because they don’t like the system of this country.

I frequently hear: “I don’t like reading, I had never read a book in my entire life”.

The young generation is more likely to be distracted from the beautiful origins of technology: the book. I know, many of you might not like reading. But what if I told you that it could be the solution to the many problems you confront? I’ll begin with the most obvious benefit you can achieve: reading increases your intelligence! There’s nothing more admirable than a person capable of keeping up a real conversation, not just some gossips. But if the old mean lady is your role model, there’s nothing I can do…

In case you have sleeping problems, I’m coming with a helpful advice: read! Sleeping with a book in your hand can be the most beautiful thing. Reading before going to bed will improve your sleep. Maybe you’re in a complicated stage of your life. We’ve all been through tough stages, at least once. The important thing is how we were able to overcome them. Overall, reading may be the best solace.

Reading reduces stress levels. If you feel your head popping as soon as possible, pages of a book can release your tension. Go in a quiet place, take a good book with you and let your imagination take you far away from the everyday problems’ realm.

Some creativity at the workplace, university or highschool doesn’t hurt, is it? When you read, your brain shoots its own movie, highlighting the information you give it. Also you become more inginious as you train yourself by reading the kind of books that you are interested in.

What should you read if you’re not passionate about reading?

First of all, start with something simple you are interested in. You souldn’t start with school books that seem boring or complex. Think about things that stir your interest. Imagine you read, for example, an adventure book. Sounds good? If not, do not turn away from your path, try something else. You can go to the library and borrow how many books you want. Read 40-50 pages at once. Don’t you like that either? Go read the next one. Do not think, not even for a moment, that you are wasting your time. You redescover yourself, you get to know yourself by reading as much as you can.

If you ever heard that reading makes you addicted and you thought someone crazy, I can tell you that it’s not the case. Once you get started with something you like, you become addicted of the feeling that you elucidate enigmas by every page you read. In case you a ask me for a suggestion, I hope you like it and the most important, click here!

On a different note, reading transforms you. Should you save money for buying a book? Yes, that’s what you’ll do and you’ll enjoy its smell, how you see it on the shelf, then you’ll want more and more… Sure, nothing compares to the bookshelves you made from books that you’ve read over time.

Belive me or not, this is the best weapon against contemporary stupidity. That makes our progress remarked. So don’t waste your time and go read something!

Photo: Adrian Mitu


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