Reading – 3 reasons why this is unbelievably important


All of us have probably heard during our lives innumerable people preaching about the importance of reading and the incomparable experience granted by this activity  – and, naturally, I won’t disagree with that, but I’ll try to give you different arguments to persuade you that reading is great, fashionable and pretty fun.

There are books that fit every preference

No matter how atypical you think your tastes are, there are certain books that will satisfy it!

Do you like aliens, conspirational theories, and such things? No problem – Dan Brown, Stephen King, and many other authors can offer you limitless material of good readings.

Do you like esoteric writings, spiritual and inspirational books? Then you definitely must meet Irvin Yalom, Herman Hesse, and many others ready to introduce you to a realm of endless beauty!

Just to be clear, I’m not trying to write another type of canonical text that wants to indicate to you what you should and shouldn’t read – these lines are meant to free you from everything that has enslaved the literature!

Not all books are serious

Lately everyone has been obsessed with promoting books that fit so well the Western Canon – you must read Shakespeare, Goethe, Hugo, and so on and so forth to achieve the so-called general knowledge. But there are other great, undiscovered writers, waiting to tell you their stories without speaking in iambic pentameter or French quotes!

Although the classics are great, you don’t have to stick to that! Read whatever you like and don’t limit yourselves just because someone has already created a pattern of what books smart people read – also, remember that the canonical writings include pretty much white, straight and privileged men, so you can go astray and discover stuff written by women, black, Asian and African writers, who are as great as the former mentioned ones!

Whatever inspires you makes you better

Each of us has a thing when it comes to books – my mom loves books written by Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts, my best friend loves poetry, and so on and so forth. Literature should not be labeled and restrained – and most definitely one should not be judged by one’s literary tastes. To name certain genres as being ”womanish” is really disgraceful and completely unnecessary!

So this entire bit of motivational speech is meant to encourage you to read whatever brings you joy and ignore the judgemental frowns of the so-called intellectual people, who would rather have you read Russian prose or God knows what. Read those too, but there is no harm in reading teenager vampire books or Rupi Kaur’s poems – just let your literary taste reflect your personality and that should be enough!

What do you most enjoy reading? What are your favorite books – and do they fit the restrictive Western Canon?


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