RBD – Where are they now?

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Are you a 90’s kid? Then you were probably part of the RBD craze – or at least you’ve heard of them. If not, let me give you a little hint! It was a 6-member band that stole hearts of millions of teenagers in Europe – having a concert in Bucharest, too. Even though formed in Mexico, as part of the telenovela “Rebelde”, the group conquered the music world separately. Every young girl collected posters, pins, used RBD notebooks at school and militated for having their signature school uniform. So, are you wondering where they are now, too? Let’s find out together!

Dulce Maria

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She played the role of Roberta Pardo and, honestly, she was my favorite. I think every girl loved her because she was the most rebel of the group. With her rainbow hair, all teenager girls aspired to be like her.

However, after the Rebelde era, Dulce Maria settled down and now she has an indie-like look, with wavy, bright hair. She focused on her music career, releasing 3 albums and going on two world tours. She also collaborated with big names, such as Tiziano Ferro, Akon and Basshunter. Regarding her personal life, Dulce Maria got married to Mexican producer, Paco Álvarez, in 2019. Now, she is expecting her first baby.

Fun fact about Dulce Maria? Her great aunt was the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

Maite Perroni

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The prettiest and most innocent of the group, Maite Perroni played the role of Lupita. After her Rebelde/RBD project, she focused on her acting career. Now, she is the most successful actress in Mexico, being compared to Thalia. In 2009, she was named “The New Queen of The Telenovelas” by Univision. Maite Perroni lent her voice in a few animated movies, and now, she has international success starring in a Netflix series called “Dark Desire”, and posing for Vogue Magazine.


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Mia Collucci in Rebelde, she was the Barbie girl of the group, entertaining fans with her spoiled attitude. However, after that success, Anahi’s career went on a descending path, releasing only two albums and starring in only one telenovela. Maybe that is because she put her personal life first. She got married and now, after she had battled with anorexia and bulimia for a long time, she is now a devoted mother of two boys. Her Instagram account proves it.

Christopher von Uckermann

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Dulce Maria’s partner, Diego Bustamante was the wealthy, arrogant character. At the moment, the star is working on Netflix series called Diablero. However, his success does not compare to the one in Rebelde, as he only starred in two other TV series and he quit the music career. Regarding his personal life, he appears to have a girlfriend, according to his Instagram account.

Christian Chavez

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The charming Giovanni in Rebelde, Christian Chavez made headlines after ending the huge RBD success. Even though he starred in many TV shows and he also continued with his music career, it was his personal life that kept him in the public eye. In 2007, Christian Chavez came out as being gay and, during the following years, he was involved in many legal and personal issues. For example, he was arrested for drug possession, he tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists and, more recently, he was involved in a domestic violence incident.

Alfonso Herrera

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Mia Collucci’s partner in the telenovela, Miguel was the temperamental one. He continued with his acting career and now, he is the most successful of the three boys. After playing in “Camaleones”, Alfonso Herrera hit it big in the United States, getting the lead role in the series “The Exorcist”. And as if it wasn’t enough, he also had an important part in the Netflix series “Queen of the South”, which I personally loved. The star also took care of his personal life: he is now married and has a little boy.

Now that you know where the RBD stars are now, what do you think? Who is still your favorite? And most importantly, have I made you shed a melancholy tear?


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