Raya and The Last Dragon – a stunning production about 3 empowered women


I don’t know how many of you have already seen Raya and The Last Dragon, which was launched on the 3rd of March, but I am here to discuss this amazing movie and its tremendous impact upon our society.

Naturally, we all know that the art created in a certain period reflects the concerns and issues of those times and perhaps this is why Raya is all about women and their power – but, in case you’re a man reading this, don’t hurry to close this article, because you might be surprised of how wise and simply beautiful the plot and the characters are!


Sisu or Sisudatu is the last dragon mentioned in the title, who is, in fact, a woman. The story explains that there was a plague caused by human greed and toxicity and that, because of that, all of Sisu’s brothers and sisters collected their magic and handed it to Sisu – who was the youngest and most unexperienced one of them. But, precisely as she mentions, they trusted her and she trusted them – therefore she did not question their decision, even though it actually brought them death (temporarily, because it’s a Disney movie!).

Sisu is one of the most empowering characters in the movie – she first indirectly convinces Namaari to trust her and then persuades Raya to value trust above all other qualities: if people would trust each other, the need to fight would just disappear.


Raya is empowered by her amazingly wise father, who entrusts her and relies on her intelligence and intuition – and of course, Raya doesn’t let us down, because she proves herself to be one of the most stunning female characters created by Disney. The fact that her quest is for her to save her father, the fact that the plot doesn’t involve a romantic story, and the fact that Raya is very capable is actually a relief – Raya stands out as a woman who values family and friends above potential romantic interests and that is simply marvelous. Not all real women are all about partnership, am I right?


Unlike Raya, who is empowered by her father, Namaari draws her strength from within – and maybe she is even more priceless than Raya because of her stubborn trust and desire to create a better world. However, it is Namaari who first shows Raya where she could find Sisu and thus creates the perfect place for the plot to happen. Sisu trusts Namaari from the beginning, even when Raya doesn’t, and the two female characters seem to share a magical bond – they empower each other to believe in the undefinable spark that lies within each and every one of us.

I try to stay away from spoilers – so, I deeply encourage you to watch the movie whenever you have the chance! It’s not at all a movie about princesses and dresses – but rather an educational, mature, and wise film, that teaches children and people, in general, about the unimaginable value of trust, solidarity, and unity, about how much the world could change if we stop being suspicious and simply embrace existing together.

To be completely honest with you, the bond between Namaari and Raya is simply touching – the two women struggle to find a place, to fulfill their goals while fighting with each other. Do you know when things fall into place?

When Raya and Namaari bury the hatchet and start working as a team – and trust me, they are a pretty great team. But the point is Disney has finally started stressing this type of relationship – the importance of women supporting each other, befriending, and understanding each other because both Raya and Namaari have suffered traumatic events and only together they can be strong enough to get over them.

But, as I always say when I talk about certain movies and books  – don’t take my word for granted, go watch it!


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