Ralph Northman, Virginia’s governor, announced removal of Lee statue


Ralph Northman, Virginia’s governor, announced the removal of a Confederate Robert E. Lee Statue from the state capital.

Virginia’s Governor said that the statue will be put into a store “as soon as possible”. This monument was vandalized during protests over the killing of George Floyd. Robert E. Lee fought to keep black people as slaves and it stirred controversy.

“In 2020, we can no longer honor a system that was based on enslaving people. That statue has been there for a long time. But it was wrong then, and it’s wrong now. So we’re taking it down.”

“In Virginia, we no longer preach a false version of history,”, governor Northman said.

“They are extremely heavy and would crush anyone standing too close. Please be aware of the danger. Stand down!”, the Richmond Police Department tweeted on Monday.

Photo source: Wikipedia


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