Racism! Penalty for the skin color in public transport!

skin color
skin color

Disclaimer: This article is not a pamphlet, it is a reality and follows a simple personal opinion following my uprising.

I’m a sucker. I feel like I’m too small and too useless. Penalty for the skin color: you do not have the right to public transport! How can it be that in 21st century Romania, which we boast with trumpets and from which we can see, God, an economic growth greater than France and Germany or that we have the most efficient and productive agricultural program in Europe, a child without guilt or the victim of abuse of a sensation and cruel carelessness?

Because we still have a rescue … a teacher took attitude and posted on her personal Facebook account a message that shook social networks.

Cristina Tunegaru sent the following message to all hers followers: “A little girl in my class is no longer allowed to go to school by bus, starting today. His mayor forbade it. Careful! A 13-year-old girl from the 7th grade comes to school alone when all the other children ride in minibuses. The situation is at least revolting.

On Thursday, as she got into the school bus, the girl slammed the door shut, and the mayor’s driver decided that the best lesson she can give is to throw racial insults at her as a “crow”, a “gambling gypsy” and give her down. The family rightly called for help 112 to defend themselves against obvious abuse.

The parents were very upset and, instead of taking responsibility for the situation generated by his employee, the mayor of the village, Mihai Dobre, decided that the little girl is not allowed to get in the school bus, paid for by public money. This, I suspect, because he does not accept when a parent defends his rights. In the last days, the town hall has started an aggressive bullying campaign against the little girl, who is accused in front of parents and school that by her gesture she destroyed the minibus. A 13-year-old girl broke the minibus door!

Dear good! Do you realize what’s in her soul now, when all her colleagues and parents look at her suspiciously, all because she was humiliated by a racist driver, when the mayor threatens to stop all minibuses because of this incident?

When children from disadvantaged communities drop out of school, when they become victims of accidents and traffic networks, it is not just fatality. There are some people, well paid by the state, who are guilty. A diffused guilt, acts of discrimination and humility, neglect, all come together.

“We cannot be careless about the humiliations of our children!”

Good … I’m convinced! It is very logical and rational for a 13-year-old girl with super powers to slam a door, and later to discover that she broke her tank, that the windshield was cracked, that she had a break to the left and that the seats were broken! He destroyed the girl in a bus for knocking on a door!
And the story with the door is a song. It was possible to crash due to the fact that the driver’s glass was wide open and the wind was doing its job.

But a mayor to have such an attitude seems to me … totally, but totally wrong.

The insults, the circus, the bread was missing. After such an impact, the parents were much too calm, after her daughter was abused because of her skin color. Probably the situation was solved if the school inspectorate found out, which, hopefully, was not a little stained with corruption. The basic institution of a locality, which divides and legitimizes, makes orders and keeps records, is the town hall. Here, the enemy of taxpayers who pay dearly for their peace of mind.

Should we be so sinister, dark and black in the soul (it really doesn’t matter to the skin!)? We have grown in vain if we still live with the sickle and the hammer between our teeth. At least not to spit the chips and give a punishment for the color of the skin.


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