Races, speeds: can Formula One be considered a sport?


Formula One is the peak of motorsports and automotive engineering. The races are full of high speeds moments, and the drama between the drivers is just about as exciting as the sport.

The excitement of Formula One

The pilots are racing at speeds of more than 300 kph, and the distance between them is less than 1 meter. The engines are designed to perform at the highest standard. The aerodynamics are made to deliver as much downforce as possible. The chassis is created to give as much protection to the drivers, such that they can crash at incredible speeds and leave the car unscathed.

Race weekends are exciting, starting from the Free Practice sessions on Fridays, to the thrilling qualifying sessions on Saturdays, to the big race on Sunday.

A full season of Formula One usually has about 20 races, but because of the pandemic, this years season has been shortened to 18 races. This wasn’t a big deal for the fans, because the races have been more tense. The drivers want to score as many points during the race. The points are given at the end of the race and depend on the drivers position after crossing the finish line. The winner receives 25 points, and the 10th driver receives only one point. The rest of the drivers do not receive any points.

So why should you watch this sport?

In this sport, you meet the biggest car manufacturers in the world: Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Alfa Romeo. They try their hardest every year to deliver the best car for their drivers in order to create exciting races. Are the names Schumacher, Alonso, Hamilton familiar to you? If you like high speeds and races in particular, then this is the sport for you. Watch a race. See the cars blazing past the cameras. Hear the engines roaring. Gasp at the cars bumping one another. Spot the tires rubbing against the asphalt. See the celebrations after the race. And I promise, you will get hooked.


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