Queen Elizabeth I – 3 reasons why she is a stunning source of inspiration

Even though Elizabeth lived a very long time ago, her aura and influence still linger above both England and the world!
When walking down Hyde Park, when staring at the stunning walls of the Westminster Abbey one can almost feel the power and depth that sprung from within this incredible woman that ruled England for 45 years – quite amazing, am I right?
And besides her being a historical figure, I think that Lizzie can empower and inspire contemporary people as well.

”I may be a woman, but I have the stomach of a king”

Ascending to the throne as a very young woman, Elizabeth had to face not only skeptical people that considered her way too young to rule a country – but also conservatory people that found it unacceptable for a woman to rule a respectable kingdom.
But, meeting the Privy Council for the first time, Lizzie rose above them all and claimed that she was her father’s daughter, one of the most prolific kings England had ever had and that she had ”the stomach of a king”.
To prove her security, she limited her advisors, keeping mainly the young and open-minded ones – because a queen that was prepared to truly reform the country needed all the support.

Elizabeth thought women could be as powerful as men

She was never truly intimidated by the fact that she was a woman – she knew gender had nothing to do with one’s ability to be reasonable, diplomatic, and creative.
From a very young age, she was thought to be rather too serious for her age – but perhaps being raised by a cruel father and motherless really affected little Elizabeth, who grew up knowing very well, almost intrinsically, that she had to be really careful with how people perceived her.
She knew her power was in her image – unfortunately – thus she claimed herself the Virgin Queen and stated that the throne had changed her into a man, an asexual being that would not have children nor marry.
To be very honest, I think that was great self-discipline back then – and it was the only way she, as a woman, could be treated as a veritable ruler!

She was a loyal ruler and a very professional woman

Maybe you are wondering how was possible for a monarch to be professional and I am about to explain it to you.
While other monarchs focused on their private lives – having children, enjoying sexual pleasures, and so on and so forth – Lizzie was all about ruling!
Although she had a series of lovers, she never married, no matter how much she loved a certain man!
On top of that, she never had children – even though it is known that she desired an heir of her own!
But she was so dedicated to turning England into a stable and prosperous country that her private life was nearly non-existent.
Although I don’t crave that type of life, I am surely impressed with how committed she was – especially because being a monarch was not at all sunshine and rainbows! It was extremely hard to rule a country, particularly a country that had been through so much political and religious instability!
But Elizabeth did amazingly – one could almost think she knew as a child that she was destined for greatness! And perhaps her mentality made her so amazing – one of the best monarchs England has ever had!
Yet, as anyone discovers sooner or later, she also knew she had to sacrifice her private life in order to be extraordinary! But she succeeded – she reformed England, brought peace, and turned her kingdom into an empire!


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