Quarantine: the best time to play these 5 old “video games”!


A few days ago I’ve found myself feeling so bored I didn’t know how to spend my (quarantine) time. Then I randomly remembered about the “MiniClip” games I used to play a decade ago. And while Adobe Flash Player is not available anymore, many games are still saved with the Y8 browser! That’s where I started my marathon of playing old video games. Let me tell you five of my favorite old video games I started playing this quarantine!

Diner Dash: Hometown Hero

As soon as I’ve found this game a huge wave of nostalgia almost drowned me. I remember being in fifth grade, being a tiny wee fella, and playing this game on my uncle’s laptop. My family had some financial struggles at that time and I didn’t have access to any PCs to play on. Then, one of my uncle came back from Italy and told me about this game. He gave me his laptop for a bit and I couldn’t stop playing it! I was so curious and so thrilled because I found out about this new world of video games! Playing it again in this quarantine was as if I relived that happiness I felt back then.



A little while after my uncle went back to Italy, I’ve got my first laptop from another uncle. And that was the first time I’ve played “Suma”. I don’t know why, but I remember it being called “Zuma”. Maybe I’ve misheard it and/or mispronounced it. The image of my father watching me how I started playing that game is so clear in my head. I told him to give it a try and in no time he was addicted. He loved playing this game as much as I did, and still do. I gotta say though, that frog will remain a nightmare fuel for me.


MiniClip games

I’m surprised to see that the MiniClip site is still up, even now. I didn’t play the MiniClip games on their site, since I didn’t have access to the Internet. But my uncle downloaded some of them on my laptop and they were really fun to play! Games like Bubble Trouble, Zed, Monkey Lander or Dancing Blair were some of my favorite. I’ve replayed them a few days ago since I had some free time and…quarantine time.


Feeding Frenzy and Mortal Kombat Karnage

These two games were the best to play with my younger brother. Feeding Frenzy isn’t multiplayer, but we would take turns on playing it. And Mortal Kombat? C’mon, the old, full of pixels ones are the best! Seeing now how the characters were bobbing and the whole fighting animations brought so many memories.


Stardoll, OurWorld and Lady Popular

In 2011 I could connect to the Internet and I was in awe. I discovered, through some of my older cousins, the beautiful world of online games. Starting with Lady Popular, then Stardoll and OurWorld, I started enjoying these games. It was so fun customizing your own character, playing dress up, make up, chatting with friends and even playing many other mini games in one single game. Surprise, surprise, I still have my Stardoll account from 2012 and I’ve started replaying dress up…Quarantine was for sure a time for all of us to play or replay our favorite games, right?

Of course, this is a brief list of the old, nostalgic games that I used to play. Many of them are gone, and many of them have lost their names in my memory. I’d love to rediscover some more of these games, so I will continue this research, for scientific purposes, of course! What games are you playing this quarantine?



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