Quarantine officially announced in Italy! Drastic measures have been taken!


Quarantine is announced in the north of Italy and not only, due to the Coronavirus epidemic on February 22, since two people were detected with this virus. No one can leave or enter the cities Codogno, Castiglione d ‘Adda, Casalpusterlengo, Maleo, Fombio, Bertonico, Castelgerundo, Terranovo dei Passerini, Somaglia and San Fiorano, without a special permit. Moreover, there will be filters of law enforcement and the army.

Four A Series games have been postponed. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that the Inter – Sampdoria, Hellas Verona – Cagliari, and Atalanta – Sassuolo games, all scheduled on Sunday, will be rescheduled. At football, 88 games were postponed out of the 502 initially scheduled, out of which 42 matches in the lower leagues. In addition, basketball tournaments were canceled.

The government has taken drastic measures due to panic in Italy. Educational institutions, public places, and even flights to the country have closed their gates. All students at Codogno are due to take Coronavirus tests. Citizens can leave the house only once every three days. And then only one member of the family, to buy the necessary food.

The hospital in Codogno has taken another emergency measure. There, the doctors and nurses have come in contact with infected patients. In the Schiavonia hospital, 450 people, 300 patients, and 150 employees entered in quarantine.

A report made after the quarantine status was announced in Italy tells us about 51 infected people. Among them, 39 live in Lombardy, and 11 in Veneto. Only one case was confirmed in Lazio. Fortunately, no Romanian established in Italy contacted the virus.

Italy is the second country where the Coronavirus epidemic led to drastic measures. Click here to learn more about the actual situation in China.

Author: Lorena Moldovan


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