Psychological thriller movies worth your time!


Movies usually disappoint me quite easily. Sometimes a bad ending can completely ruin a good plot. Other times it’s the other way around. However, over quarantine I decided to watch as many movies as I could. As a very pretentious viewer, here are some psychological thriller movies that really stuck out to me.

Synecdoche, New York:

The story of a struggling theatre director on his tumultuous journey to create the perfect play. In doing so he loses track of time, and life starts to slip away as his focus becomes a grand performance he will never get to finish. The line between real life and show becomes blurry, family drama turns into entertainment for an audience that never seems to appear, because the play itself is never authentic enough for the main character.


Probably the most interesting movie concept I’ve seen in a very long time, “Dogtooth” tackles the idea of how big of an influence parents actually play in the development of their children. Since parents are our first teachers, reality is whatever they tell us it is. And we trust them with that information. Thus, the children in this film must not leave the house until their dogtooth falls out.

In other words, never

Requiem for a dream:

This is the type of movie I usually tend to avoid, as it deals with heavy, real life matters, such as addiction. However, it is undeniably unique. From its soundtrack and color saturation, to how it is filmed and edited, “Requiem for a dream” is visually fascinating.

Its possible interpretations, hidden messages and suggestions are endless, as addiction can mean many different things, has many different forms, and slowly takes over every aspect of life.

The Lobster:

The movie introduces the idea of a society where only couples can exist. People must find their ideal partner within 45 days. If they don’t, they are turn into an animal of their choice. Therefore, their main purpose is to find a mate with which they share at least one common trait.

Although more of a light-hearted, funny premise, the film also points out how society tends to view couples as being superior, and a relationship as being the most desired achievement. Single people are often viewed as lacking qualities that would make them likeable enough for another person. Thus, as the movie points out too, we tend to choose the wrong people just so we won’t be alone.

Fight club:

I’m sure everyone is familiar with this movie. But I also know a lot of people tend to avoid it because its title suggests it would be an action movie, right?

However, it actually highlights the personal drama of an overworked, underpaid insomniac in his journey to find something that will bring the thrill back into his life. And, as you can guess, his trials spiral out of control becoming more and more sinister. Definitely a honorable mention in the psychological thriller movies genre.

So, intrigued yet?


  1. Usually I prefer book to movies when it comes to psychological thrillers. They’re more in depth when it comes to the protagonists thinking. However, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy films in this genre. Dogtooth is definitely worth the time.


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