Procrastination: 3 crazy reasons why it’s happening to us

Procrastination: 3 crazy reasons why it's happening to us

Procrastination is quite common.  Let’s face it, everyone has their own ways to avoid getting things done. It’s just that sometimes the pressure to do well is too much, and we tend to put off the work until we find the right time to complete it. A moment when we finally gain the courage to do the task and have a sudden boost of confidence or when we feel like we are running out of time.

Procrastination: 3 crazy reasons why it's happening to us

Procrastination can be such. It may be hard for others to understand, but some of us who are anxious about failing a task often have this kind of problem. It’s like we are trapped by our own fear of messing up.  The worst thing about procrastinating is that you can’t relax either, because you know deep down, in the back of your mind, that there are tasks waiting for you.

Here are some possible reasons why we tend to procrastinate:

We just can’t bear to do things superficially

If you are a procrastinator, the chances will be that you are in fact, a perfectionist, studies show. You care too much about the actual results and want them to turn out great. To be almost perfect. You want to be proud of your work. The people who don’t care about how well they do their assignments will get things done pretty quickly and without any restraint. Being a perfectionist is not such a bad thing.

We are lost, have no inspiration, and or we’re afraid that we lack the necessary skill

For me, I personally feel like I need to learn more about your chore before starting to work on it. Because I deem my own knowledge about the subject as being insufficient. Hey, it needs to be perfect, right? But finding more information about it will take a lot of of time and I start asking myself: Will I ever be able to fully understand what I have to do and how to properly do it? Will I ever be able to finish my work? Then the panic strikes.

Procrastination: 3 crazy reasons why it's happening to us

Procrastination may be comforting

If you don’t start working on it, you don’t actually know yet if you’ll be good at it or not, if it would be a hard, or an easy task. You may actually be able to do it. But not now, maybe tomorrow. See what I did there? In reality, however, it’s just a false feeling of security. And it emerges from the fear of not being good enough. It usually happens when you lack confidence in yourself.

Some tricks I found out that work for my procrastination problem is doing one thing at a time. I know it may be really hard at first, but it’s guaranteed it will make you feel better about yourself. You can split your chore into three or four steps and just start with the smallest. It needs to be a really easy one, that you are confident you can do with a minimum effort.

Taking breaks often also helps. It doesn’t matter how mach time you take for yourself it it helps you to recharge. As long as you complete the next step you set your mind of completing that day, before going to bed, it really have no importance how many hours you ’procrastinated’. But once you feel full of energy again and determined to work on your assignment, you need to sit down, focus and not give up until you are satisfied with your work.

You may also find it useful to just sleep it off. Taking a nap may actually be a good solution to relax a bit before returning to work. It helps to clear your mind and face your chores with a new attitude, even looking at it from a different angle.

Procrastination: 3 crazy reasons why it's happening to us

Procrastination’s not easy to overcome. But you shouldn’t stress about it all the time. Sometimes he lets things come naturally and don’t force yourself to complete your work if you really have no inspiration. Always remember to take breaks and take care of yourself first. Because in the end we are just humans and as long as you get the things done, it doesn’t matter when you did it. Being a procrastinator is not the end of the world.

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