“Prisoners”- an amazing 2013 thriller movie

Prisoners- an amazing 2013 thriller movie

“Prisoners” is a thriller movie directed by Denis Villeneuve, his first English-language feature film, and is set in the present day. The plot revolves around the disappearance of two little girls. What caught my attention at once was the title as I am a huge fan of movies full of suspense.

The plot of “Prisoners”

The film unfolds the story of Keller Dover, portrayed by Hugh Jackman, whose life takes a sharp turn when his six-year-old daughter, Anna, and her best friend go missing. The antagonist is supposedly Alex, played by Paul Dano, whose motorhome was parked on the street where the two girls had been playing before they disappeared.

The father seems to be going insane after finding out that his daughter is nowhere to be found so he decides to take action. Keller does not trust Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) and kidnaps Alex. It later turns out that Alex has a very low IQ which prevents him from being capable of abduction as elaborate as the one of Keller’s daughter and her friend.

Keller refuses to cooperate and proceeds to torture Alex in an abandoned building despite obvious proof that he isn’t the one responsible. The plot is gripping and fast-moving, capturing your attention with every scene. At times, the music is terrifying, matching with the suspenseful atmosphere. The script is well-written and makes you sympathize with the desperate father.

Prisoners- an amazing 2013 thriller movie

The cast of “Prisoners”

The cast is star-studded and they all have a powerful performance. Except for the main characters that I have previously mentioned, Grace is played by Maria Bello and Holly Jones by Melissa Leo.

They were very credible in their performances as well, so I found myself crying along with the parents at times as a result of the realistic concept of the kidnap. It is a growing issue worldwide and the characters perfectly displayed the terror and panic induced by it.

Prisoners- an amazing 2013 thriller movie

The fact that “Prisoners” relied on no special effects is incredible and I was pleasantly surprised to see that is no need for these to create a masterpiece, a through-provoking movie. I put down my admiration to the script and director, who did a very good job in directing this movie, which I recommend to everybody.

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