Prejudice in adolescence

prejudice in adolescence

Adolescence is the time of big changes, choices and challenges . And how in that period of time, the teenage mentality is mostly judgemental, adolescents become little haters. And of course, haters of others, just like them. Psychology experts say that the “problem” starts from an inner kneading created by the family environment or by their entourage. Prejudice definitely exists in adolescence.

Look at how fat or thin they are!

The weight problem has a medical or psychological condition. Eating can be a coping mechanism in response to bullying. In that moment, eating gives them a sense of stability and a positive feeling but after a short time, the depression returns and the excess eating continues.

They’re so badly dressed!

This problem can have two reasons:

1. The “badly dressed” adolescents have a personal style, which, in my opinion, is a good thing, because the way they choose to dress is part of their personality and fashion sense.

2. Their parents don’t have enough money to provide them the trendiest clothes. However, friendship has nothing to do with how cool someone dresses or how many expensive gadgets they can afford.

Unattractive, ugly, not pretty enough

I am going to discuss this from my own perspective and personal experience. I’ve heart people calling me ugly many times and those words hurt me because I’m emotional and hearing those things, especially in a moment when I’m already down can really make me sad. My message to the bullies is to stop trying to hurt us because one day when we’ll be strong enough, your words will mean nothing to us.

Look at their weird twitch!

The twitch is a medical problem and under any circumstances, it should not be something to make fun of. Again, for the bullies: you should discuss the situation and explain what the problem is all about.

In the end, I have something to say to teenagers’ who’ve been bullied: Don’t be sad! Smile when someone tries to hurt you! You’re a special person, exactly the way you are! There will always be someone to hate on whatever you do or how you look like, but remember: there’s always going to be some prejudice in adolescence, but don’t let it break you down.

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