Prayer – Ungolianth’s latest demo – In case you missed it

Prayer Artwork
Prayer Artwork

After the Alive Autopsy of a Psychogod, Ungolianth continue the story of Humanity’s false fallen beliefs with a Prayer (for the God they’ve killed). Ungolianth released this song on Youtube and all major streaming platforms on the 1st of June, 2023. 

This time, the band focuses on setting a contemplative and somehow melancholic atmosphere. The masterful blend of the instrumental elements with the lyrical theme accurately showcases humanity’s inertia from moving on after the failure of their former widely accepted false beliefs. 

The recurring question from the song is: Man makes god or God makes man? George Lazăr’s vocal interpretation evokes a reflective state for the listeners to discover that in the sea of uncertainty, people often find solace in their beliefs and whenever Change proves them wrong, they simply lose themselves.

Watch Prayer below. 

Prayer will be part of Ungolianth’s debut album, Chronoscope, that is yet to be released in September this year and will include other works from the band’s repertoire, such as Predestined to Change and Genesis to name a few.

Ungolianth is a young metal band from Bucharest, Romania that experiments with various subgenres of metal, while also incorporating elements from other musical areas.

To stay up to date with their activity, you can follow Ungolianth on: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Ungolianth means:

George Andrei Lazăr – vocals

 Răzvan Rizea – guitar lead

 Daniel Costache – rhythm guitar

 Mircea Florea – bass

 Robert-Valentin Bencze (Igor) – drums



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