Polyglot Tips: Funny Sayings That Are Definitely Worth Memorizing

Polyglot Tips: Funny Sayings That Are Definitely Worth Memorizing

At this moment there are approximately 7099 languages spoken in the world.  Each one of them has an exquisite set of peculiarities in terms of  phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, and discourse linguistic levels. Largely, the most catchy differences are portrayed in the lexicon of a language. Speakers use for the same denomination various expressions which may sound funny or even odd.

Polyglot Tips: Funny Sayings That Are Definitely Worth Memorizing


  • To show his bewilderment, a Romanian will not say he is ‘surprised’, but ‘his face has fallen off’.
  • For his natural practicability, A Romanian don’t just ‘do so much with so little’, actually he ‘makes a whip out of shit’.
  • Quick to anger? A Romanian will not ‘lose temper’, but his ‘mustard will jump off’.
  • Failure or downfall? A Romanian has not just ‘screwed up’, rather he has ‘thrown his boogers in the beans.
  • You do not ‘drive a Romanian nuts’ you ‘take him out of his watermelons’.
  • In Romania, things are not ‘far away’ they are ‘at the devil’s mother’.
  • A Romanian is not simply ‘crazy’ he is ‘gone on a raft’ .
  • Giving up? A Romanian will not ‘call it quits’, openly he will ‘stick his feet in’.
  • Stressed? Distended? A Romanian is not ‘nervous’, he ‘has a carrot in the ass’.
  • Weakness for alcohol? A Romanian is not ‘a drunkard’, but he is ‘a blotting paper

Polyglot Tips: Funny Sayings That Are Definitely Worth Memorizing

German Sayings : A Savorous Sphere to Discover

  • To be lucky in German is ‘Schwein haben’, or to have pig.
  • If you do not know a person well enough to cancel out the need for any <<sirs>>, you can tell them that you have ‘not yet kept pigs together’ by saying ‘wir haben zusammen noch keine Schweine gehütet!’.
  • In German culture if there were no pigs, it means that nobody was there: ‘kein Schwein war da’ (=’there were not any pigs there’). A pigless-party is the worst one to have in Germany.
  • In German to be out of your mind will mean ‘man hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank’ (=he does not have all his cups in the cupboard’).
  • It’s all Greek to me’ becomes ‘Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof’ (= I only understand <<train station>> ) in German.
  • If you do not care at all, you will say in German ‘das ist mir Wurst’ (=’that is sausage to me’) .
  • A cat-lady will in Germany have a bird: ‘sie hat einen Vogel’. America has crazy cat ladies, in Germany you have to look out for the people with birds. This expression occurs in Romanian, too: ‘a avea (o) păsărică la cap’.
  • If you are convinced that a person is trying to fool you, you will say ‘das kannst du deiner Oma erzählen’ (=you can pass it on to your grandma). In Romanian it has the same meaning: ‘sa ii spui asta bunicii’.

Polyglot Tips: Funny Sayings That Are Definitely Worth Memorizing

Hilarious Italian Expressions

  • When someone is really skilful (- being called a butterfingers), Italians say ‘Avere le mani di pasta Frolla’ (= it literally translates ‘to have pastry hands’).
  • If you wish someone ‘Good luck!’, you should say it in Italian: ‘In bocca al lupo’ (=in the mouth of the wolf).
  • If it’s ‘raining cats and dogs’, an Italian would assert: ‘Piovere a catinelle’ (=to rain wash basins).
  • Drinking heavily? An Italian would compare you to a monkey: ‘Ubriaco come una scimmia’ (= drunk like a monkey).
  • Speak your mind? Say it like it is? In Italian it has to do with hairs: ‘Non Avere Peli Sulla Lingua’ (= to not have hairs on the tongue).
  • Are you excited? Can’t you wait? Say it like: ‘Non vedo l’ora’ (= can’t see the time).
  • Reveal a secret? Let the cat out of the bag? In Italian would be about altars: ‘Scoprire gli altarini’ (=to discover little altars)
  • If an Italian feels like a ‘third wheel’, he will say: ‘Reggere la candela’ (= to hold the candle).

For many, some languages remain a mystery. When you first start out speaking a foreign language, you will have quite a few near misses. Perhaps you tend to translate things literally. This happens with English, German and Italian languages and all many other languages. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or in need of a resfreshment, check out these interesting phrases because they are essential to helping sounding like a native.


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