Poetry – 3 sublime poems from Penguin Little Black Classics



Poetry is widely known as something abstract that only really smart people can understand or find its meaning. But there is something about this poems that I think could stir something in anyone regardless of age, sex and education status. Enjoy!


Three Tang Dynasty Poets

Classics: Three Tang Dynasty Poets - No.09 (Little Black Classics)

The distant evening view when the weather has cleared


The sky has cleared and there is the vast plain

And so far as the eye can see no dust in the air poetry

There is the outer gate facing the ford

And the village trees going down to the mouth of the stream

The white water shining beyond the fields poetry

The blue picks jutting behind the hills

This is no time for leisure on the land –

All hands at work in the fields to the south.


Catullus – I Hate and I Love poetry

I Hate and I Love - Gaius Valerius Catullus

Godlike the man who

sits at her side, who

watches and catches

that laughter poetry

which (softly) tears me

to tatters: nothing is

left of me, each time

I see her

. . . tongue numbed; arms; legs

melting, on fire; drum

drumming in ears; head-

lights gone black.

Coda poetry

Her ease is your sloth, Catullus

You itch & roll in her ease:


Former kings and cities

lost in the valley of her arm.



Thomas Hardy – Woman much missed

Woman Much Missed - Thomas Hardy

Rain on a Grave poetry


Clouds spout upon her

Their waters amain

In ruthless disdain, –

Her who but lately

Had shivered with pain

As at touch of dishonour

If there had lit on her

So coldly, so straightly

Such arrows of rain:


One who to shelter

Her delicate head

Would quicken and quicken

Each tentative tread

If drops chanced to pelt her

That summertime spills

In dust-paven rills

When thunder-clouds thicken

And birds close their bills.


Would that I lay there

And she were housed here!

Or better, together

Were folded away there

Exposed to one weather

We both, – who would stray there

When sunny the day there,

Or evening was clear

At the prime of the year.


Soon will be growing

Green blades fro her mound,

And daisies be showing

Like stars on the ground,

Till she form part of them –

Ay- the sweet heart of them,

Loved beyong measure

With a child’s pleasure

All her life’s round.


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