Podcasts – 3 amazing facts you didn’t know about them

Podcasts - 3 amazing facts you didn’t know about them
podcastsPodcasts have become, in the last few years, the most viewed content creation, as it gathers together elements from all the other ways of communication from mass – media.
Nowadays, although there still is confusion about the concept of podcasting, almost 40% of people listen to them every month, trying to get rid of all misconceptions and misunderstandings linked to this matter.
Time turned podcasting into another kind of media consumption, one that is accessible for
everybody, because these days, podcasts can be listened from some usual apps, that we
podcastsare all using anyway, like Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube.
Trying to explain what a podcast is to someone who have never heard about it might seem extremely difficult, almost impossible. A lot of podcast creators tend to describe those as an internet radio show, but the truth is they are a lot more than just that.


Podcasts are older than what may think many of us, having their roots in the 1980s, when podcaststhey were known as “audioblogs”. They started to get the attention they deserved from people only when most of us began to have unlimited internet access and portable digital audio devices, things that happened no sooner than 2004. This is exactly the period when it is believed that the first video podcast in the world appeared, commonly known as “Dead End Days”, a dark comedy about zombies.
Although this story is generally believed, considering the fact that there are different versions of podcasting history, another quick search on google shows us that Adam Curry and Dave Winer are the inventors of podcasts, one of the firsts being “The Daily Source Code”, in which Adam Curry talked about the daily events happening in his life.


At the moment, there are podcasts for every taste, about a wide range of topics, like fashion,podcasts nature, politics, comedy, lifestyle and cooking, so that every person can watch and enjoy, contributing in this way to expanding the market of podcasts. Based on recent measurements, “The Joe Rogan Experience” is the most listened podcast in the USA, having approximately 190 million downloads every month, right after it being other famous “radio shows”, like “The Daily”, “Ted Talks “and “This American Life”.
Podcasts are becoming more and more popular since their creators are having extremely well – known guests, who have lots of fans and people who admire them, so everybody is watching because everybody wants to hear the story that the celebrity has to tell. This isn’t a profit strategy only for the hosts, but for newspapers and magazines as well, because journalists are turning the conversations from the podcast, between the creator and the famous guest, into gossips for their own publications.
One thing that makes podcasts more appealing today than they were in the past is money, podcastsbecause in this decade is known by everyone that you can turn any kind of content you create online into actual profit. Sponsorships are the most common way that podcasters use for earning money, as you probably heard or saw your favourite show mentioning their advertisers a few times in each episode.


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