Passions: 4 reasons why they change over time and why it is completely normal or even beneficial

Passions: 4 reasons why they change over time and why it is completely normal or even beneficial

During our entire life, we develop certain passions and hobbies that we do either for pleasure or to gain some money. They can be more or less variate and they can certainly change according to the respective moment of our lives.

One thing that a lot of people do not necessarily understand is that hobbies and passions can change, can change completely in some cases. From my point of view, this is normal and, in some circumstances, even beneficial.

From my experience, there is one main reason why there are changes in passions: people have just entered a completely new phase of their life, and this can be separated into a few other ones.

  1. They are officially grown-up

For me, things turned different the moment I was 20 years old. But this moment of realization that we are grown-up and, in other words, we are slowly becoming adults depends on each and every person.

When we grow up, we change our habits and our whole routine. When we do this, changes occur in other areas of our life too. Therefore, when our entire way of living is changed, it would be hard to keep the same old passions.

It is obvious that some of them might never change, but for some of them to disappear and for others to begin is more than normal.

  1. They have endured some kind of loss

During our lives, it is impossible to stay away from heartbreak, in whatever form it comes. We can either lose a family member, our partner, a friend, or even ourselves in some kind of way. And when I am talking about loss, I am not necessarily talking about a loss in the form of death, but just not having that person in our life anymore.

People fight over things and end up not seeing each other for years, partners can come and go, friends can be lost anytime, and when it comes to ourselves, there are so many ways in which we can be lost.

Maybe we are going down the wrong path o maybe we are in such a bad phase that not even we know what is actually going on. But one thing that is certain is that all of these changes determine the entire way we live.

By this, when we are trying to cope with the loss and heartbreak, we discover new facets of ourselves. We begin to understand other parts of our life, we discover new passions and might lose interest in the old ones, but that means only that we are on a good path now and start a new chapter, that can bring us a lot of other benefits.

  1. They have a new life perspective

While growing up, life perspectives can change for a variety of reasons and certainly not depending on the age. We can be kids, teenagers, or adults, it does not matter, because changes are always occurring.

A child can see a certain behavior and then their passions might be completely different because they have to be similar to that behavior and this can happen not once, but multiple times.

When it comes to teenagers, they are sometimes affected by peer pressure and cannot stick to one and only one perspective, because they want diverse friends. Therefore, they have to be flexible and adaptable to change.

All of these changes are not negative, but, in fact, they can be beneficial for the person that is experiencing them. Children can discover new areas and might find out that they have other talents and with regard to the youngsters, they learn to adjust and this is more than helpful for the real-life that is expecting them once they graduate.

  1. The old passions are not suitable for them physically anymore

All the aspects above are related to some psychological changes, but keep in mind that this is not the only kind of change that can affect our passions. Our physical condition is always subject to change in certain circumstances.

One clear example is about sports. People can love doing sports, but in some cases, this might not be possible anymore, because people experience changes in their physical form. This can come from weight variations or some injuries.

What is most important to understand is that passions can be so diversified sometimes, but this is not wrong, this is just another reason why we are so special and unique. For example, I had really enjoyed handball for a lot of time, now I don’t, and I have never liked painting until a few years ago, but now I am crazy about it.

Thus, when this type of change comes into your life, just try to understand the reason behind it and take it one step at a time. Things will always get better.


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