Paris as seen by a young girl fascinated by everything


Granted, I visited Paris only once almost 10 years ago. It was my first time leaving the borders of my country (and taking a plane), but it feels like yesterday. Even if we went to the most cliches spots and now I will probably look more carefully to find some hidden gems, it was still one of the most memorable trips of my life.


The Eiffel Tower

I’m sure if you want to read about the history or other interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower you will find multiple articles, but today I want to tell you about Paris as it was seen by a 14 years old.


My father works in Paris so we went to visit him. After landing we took a bus (by his recommendation) and at the pick-out point, we met my dad who then took us to the Eiffel Tower (he was still working on that day) and told us to wait for his shift to end.

So, we had to kill multiple hours near the most famous landmark in France (we couldn’t go too far because neither one of us spoke French and did not want to get lost on our first day). We saw the tower from all positions (but did not go inside because we deemed it too expensive – something that I regret and plan on changing the next time I visit the capital of love).

And in the end, we sat on the grass and looked at it. We saw the beauty of it, the tourists taking photos and marveling at the tower, even locals playing volleyball (and I have a hilarious story about this last part: we noticed how the two men prepared to play, warming themselves, looking every bit as professional sportsmen ready to demolish each other on the field, but in the end they fumbled to keep the ball in the air.)

The Eiffel Tower should not miss from your list because this is the true Parisian spirit. And you will not miss it if you do not get inside and just look at it from different angles (or just one angle).


Notre Dame

Paris as seen by a young girl fascinated by everything

When I heard the news about Notre Dame I was devastated. I was lucky enough to see it before the catastrophe.

I remember seeing it before closing so during mass. It was spectacular. The hymns and the church amazed the little me.

The queue was gigantic but so worth it in the end.

I do not know when you can see this place again but I know that some of the magic that I felt may be lost forever.


Sacre Coeur Paris and Montmartre

Paris as seen by a young girl fascinated by everything

If we could not look at Paris from above from inside the Eiffel Tower, then my father suggested we go to Sacre Coeur. I must give you a heads-up. You will climb a lot of stairs (so many that when we were descending them someone asked us in a hopeful manner if their journey would come to an end soon; luckily they were almost there).

If we do not take into account the horrible stairs (222 to be more exact) then it is truly a marvelous place to look at the city.

Then go to Montmartre or the artists’ neighborhood to feel the creative feeling of Paris, starting with the most famous cabaret in the world Moulin Rouge.


The Louvre and the Orsay Museums

Paris as seen by a young girl fascinated by everything

How could we forget about the museums in Paris?

What else can I say about Louvre that you do not know already? Just that I will visit it every time I go to Paris. It does not matter that I will have the opportunity to go 10 times, 10 times I will visit this museum and will not get bored (mainly because it is so huge that maybe after my tenth visit I will have seen every room).

And Orsay? Watching the Doctor Who episode about Van Gough after seeing the museum was bittersweet (in a good way). And I also want to see this museum without taking care of a little boy and possibly getting thrown out of it, but this is a story reserved only for my best friends.



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