Pandemic games: a new trend during the quarantine

Pandemic games

Mobile games have changed these days and it turns in the pandemic. Why? Because during the quarantine, people have isolated themselves in their homes. They are looking for ways to pass the time, becoming desperate with every hour that went by. So, the idea to change the games is an attractive one, we can say. When the other industries have fallen, mobile games were able to function, even thrive during the coronavirus lockdown. And thus, the term “pandemic games” was born.

So what’s the deal with these pandemic games?

Joel Julkunen, the vice president of games at GamesRefinery said in a report that the ability to create new content on the fly with dynamic live ops has helped tremendously. Also, the hashtag “Play apart together” has appeared when the World Health Organization has shared the message of social distance.

50 other companies decided to support this hashtag in order to get this clear message to people: “Stay inside!” In this way, the pandemic games raised awareness about the current world situation.

Game developers issued a practical guide about washing hands thoroughly and regularly.

They also issued free gifts for users like virtual items or virtual currency. Apart from that, developers are introducing Coronavirus special items.

In some games, they added masks for characters. In location-based games such as Pokemon Go, Harry Potter or Wizards Unite, and Jurassic World, for instance, players can get free items that can lure monsters to your location, without the need to move around in an open area.

So you don’t have to go outside, which is good, because that reminds us to keep social distancing for our safety.

If you are interested in video games and want to find out how one of them could’ve given us answers for our pandemic problem, check this article out!



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