Overeating-6 effective fixes to 6 common causes


Overeating is one of the most common issues that people are battling nowadays, mostly owed to the pandemic, thus the extended periods of time spent at home.

One thing that has happened to all of us is question our weight in relation to how much we think we eat. The problem is, of course, the fact that most of us don’t understand how certain foods, that are physically small, and don’t really get rid of our hunger, can have a lot of calories.

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Let’s take candies or chocolate, for example. Although they are just a snack and after eating them, we still feel hungry, they have a lot of calories, owed to the extra sugar that makes them taste so good.

(An average chocolate-90g, has almost 500 calories, compared to, let’s say 5 bananas, which have 500 calories as well, but they are almost 6 time denser in your stomach.);

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Overeating can be, of course, owed to aspects of our lives that we cannot control, such as stress, which sometimes has this overeating effect on certain people.




Another reason you overeat is again a factor that makes you do the action of eating while not being aware of it, and that is, of course, watching TV. This guarantees that you will eat more than you should, finding yourself wondering where the extra pounds came from.

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Although some people feel when it’s adequate to stop eating, some don’t, therefore overeating occurs.

Some can eat a lot more than their body asks them, thus gaining weight. A good fix to that is concentrating on eating more and counting your calories, both of which may be of help.


Woman measuring waist with tape in gymAnother common reason why some people overeat is lack of self-esteem. Some are not happy with the way they look, thus creating this negative body image which drives people to overeat, then feel bad about it, which will eventually lead to more overeating, trapping the individual in a vicious circle they find impossible to escape from.

As far as advice is concerned, I think that talking to a specialist may help in this case, or maybe your friends if it’s not that serious. In any way, you should be happy with who you truly are.

The final reason why one may overeat could be just the genes. That’s right, it’s possible that it’s not even your fault for what happens to you. But of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just sit there and wait for something to happen. You can always become a better version of yourself by just a small amount of work, maybe start taking a diary of what and how much you eat, that might help.


In conclusion, in whichever of these situations you may find yourself in, there’s always a solution, always a chance to become a better you.


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