Over 500.000 Coronavirus cases in Europe and numbers are only growing

500.000 coronavirus cases in Europe

Right now, there are over 500.000 Coronavirus cases in Europe! The AFP news agency communicated this number in their latest tally.

On Wednesday, AFP reported that there are now over 30.000 people that lost their lives to the virus in Europe. French health officials communicated yesterday that there were 509 new confirmed deaths from the virus. Thus, bringing the country’s death toll to 4.000. Spain has now 10.000 deaths correlated to COVID-19 and over 110.000 cases of the virus. This brings the country close to Italy’s number of coronavirus patients.

The United Kingdom reported 563 new fatalities on Wednesday, the biggest daily rise in coronavirus deaths. They have now passed the 2.000 mark, and the numbers are only rising. As of April 1st, almost 30.000 persons tested positive for the virus.

Even if the death toll in Germany didn’t yet pass 1,000, officials reported today, April 2nd, 1.002 new coronavirus cases. There are now close to 79.000 confirmed cases in Germany.

So far, 30.000 lives were lost to the pandemic, and health officials confirmed over 500.000 coronavirus cases in Europe alone. These

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