Other Coronavirus cases confirmed in the UK!


In the UK, the number of people infected with Coronavirus has increased surprisingly, reaching more than 35 cases. In addition, more other cases of Coronavirus in England are confirmed!

On Thursday, the first person infected by Coronavirus in the UK turned out to be a man. Consequently, he was treated at St. Thomas’ in central London.

Unlike the other patients, he hadn’t left abroad before. On Sunday morning, the Department of Health said that they tested a total of 11,750 people in the UK. After confirming the first infected person, other cases of Coronavirus in were confirmed in England!

Moreover, Matt Hancock, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Health in the United Kingdom, presented an emergency “battle plan” for the worst-case scenario. This plan includes closing schools and eventually discouraging the use of public transportation and major social events.

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Mr. Matt Hancock said there are 4 stages to the plan:

1. Isolation – healthcare for any infected persons and identification of close contacts.

2. Delay – deciding the actions that should be taken to slow the spread of the virus.

3. Attenuation – limiting the damages if the virus spreads widely.

4. Research – constant work to inform the other three phases.


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