Oscar-nominated Laura Dern, actress of the year?

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Laura Dern

Can we name her “actress of the year”? Laura Dern plays in two Oscar-nominated movies and she’s likely to win at least one of the titles! Moreover, she is a true star with five Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, and nominations for three Academy Awards.

Laura Dern has two remarkable roles: the hearted mother of the March sisters in “Little Women” and a divorce lawyer in “Marriage Story.” She’s fierce, but it’s the kind of fierce that makes award voters take notice.

Every actor had a movie that made him a rising star or a TV star

Laura made her way out of the box with the masterpiece movie “Marriage Story” and she broke the internet with a monologue,  written by Noah Baumbach, movie’s director:

“We can accept an imperfect Dad. Let’s face it, the idea of a good father was only invented like 30 years ago. Before that father was expected to be silent and absent and unreliable and selfish, and we can all say that we want them to be different, but on some basic level we accept them. We love them for their fallibilities. But people absolutely don’t accept those same failings in mothers. We don’t accept it structurally, and we don’t accept it spiritually, because the basis of our Judeo-Christian Whatever is Mary, Mother of Jesus and she’s PERFECT. She’s a virgin who gives birth, unwaveringly supports her child, and holds his dead body when he’s gone. But Dad isn’t there!”

Dern has done a lot of work on television

Most notably Afterburn, for which she received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie. She guest-starred on The West Wing, was a voice on King of the Hill, and was a lesbian who coaxes Ellen DeGeneres out of the closet in the famous 1997 “The Puppy Episode” of the television series Ellen.

On the April 24, 2007 airing of DeGeneres’s talk show, Dern revealed she did not work for more than a year following her appearance in that episode because of resulting backlash, but nevertheless called it an “extraordinary experience and opportunity.” (www.today.com)

Asked by a Los Angeles Time’s reporter what’s the culture shift felt by her in over 40 years of her’s career, Laura Dern answered: 

“First, to see women in such diverse positions, including positions of power in film and television and how much more opportunity there is. But also the cultural shift of women being in those positions and, therefore, audiences asking to see themselves reflected [that way]. Audiences demanding representation means that companies that have to be commerce-driven realize they can make money having diverse and representative characters and ensembles. And that’s amazing”


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