Ordinary stones – the accessible alternatives to gemstones (part 1)


You may have grown up viewing stones as ordinary, inanimate objects. Who hasn’t ever thrown stones into a lake gazing at the water’s movement? Let me change that for you real quick. Stones are way more powerful than you may even expect, you’ll regret playing with them as they are just pieces of compiled dirt.

It is common knowledge that precious or semi-precious stones are great for you if you’re into spirituality. If you can’t afford to buy any precious or semi-precious stones, or if you can’t get them anywhere, here are my suggestions of “ordinary” (not precious, nor semi-precious) stones that are just as powerful.


Flint is a sedimentary form of quartz. However, it is not considered a semi-precious stone. Studies show that flint is even stronger than steel. People have been using flint since the begging of time for starting fires or for sharp tools for hunting.

Its colours vary from light, light pink to milky white, to light brown, orange, yellow, or even greyish, black.

Legends say flint protects the wearer from evil spirits, or even the devil itself. It prevents nightmares, increases creativity and courage.


You may not believe your eyes! Limestone, yes, the one used in the making of chalk, cement, paint, the cereals you eat for breakfast, toothpaste, soil conditioner, and so many others… is really powerful energetically.

Under unimaginably big pressure, limestone turns into marble.

Limestone is generally beneficial to our well-being, it relieves us from muscular spasms, it is grounding, balancing, and well-nurturing. This stone reminds us of our innocence, essence, and purpose.


Dacite is an extrusive igneous rock that forms when viscous magma cools down quickly. Its name dates from back in the late 17 hundreds. As it has been firstly found in the Carpathian Mountains, it’s been named after Dacia, the Roman province that lied there.

The industry of construction is the one that uses dacite the most. However, not many people know about its spiritual properties. Dacite can help you get rid of the larvae creeping through your mind (thoughts on various themes that you can’t seem to get over, mostly scary or troublesome).

From my personal experience, I can say dacite has helped me keep my will power and motivation.


While gneiss is one of the most common metamorphic rocks out there, its properties are quite unique. The lighter types of gneiss contain quartz and feldspar, while the darker ones can include garnet, graphite, or biotite in their composition. Sources say that structure-wise, gneiss is like a metamorphic version of garnet.

As it is at about a 6-7 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness, gneiss is usually used as a building material. Its uses vary from flooring to facing stone on buildings or even decorating.

Gneiss is a stone that will help you overcome bad luck, bad habits, laziness. It is a stone that attracts victories and progress.


The amphibolite, another metamorphic rock, is used since the earliest times for sculpting or engraving. Tombstones, public art, or memorial tables… amphibolite is the best material for these. Its hard and heavy nature makes it ideal for flooring or countertops, or even building cladding.

Similar to what flint does, amphibolite has the ability to keep the evil away. It is the stone of independence and integrity and keeps away the need for judgement (even self-judgement). Moreover, amphibolite breaks curses and reduces the chance of the wearer leaving things halfway done, thus helping him achieve his goal.

Behind the fact that they open chakras and have several energetical abilities… the mystery that stays behind the formation of stones is exactly what makes them look so mesmerising to me.

Stay close if you want to find out about more “ordinary” stones that are energetically powerful.



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