Ordinary stones-accessible alternatives to precious stones (part 3)


This is part 3 of the “Ordinary stones – more accessible alternatives to precious/semi-precious stones” series. I started this series to educate people on how not only precious or semi-precious stones have the power to influence you spiritually. Implicitly on how the ones you would give a kick on the street have unexpected strengths.

If you haven’t read part 2, you can find it right here.

1. Fulgurite

Its name may not sound familiar to you, but I can assure you that you, in fact, know what fulgurite is. The word “fulgurite” comes from the Latin word “fulgur”, which means lighting.
This stone is a naturally-occurring type of glass that gets formed when lighting hits the ground and melts quartz, soil, and other stones together.

One of my beloved elders once told me that fulgurites are just shells for the lighting trapped inside of them. It has been mostly used to sense and anticipate lightning storms. Fulgurites also has the power of electricity and fire within itself.

Despite its fragility, it is one of the most powerful stones from an energetical point of view. It helps the wearer manifest his thoughts and wishes. It may also help with hearing, or release pressure from one’s ears.

2. Bauxite

Bauxite is, as most of us know, the raw material for aluminium. Besides its uses when it is in the form of aluminium, it is used in various spiritual practises.
It is usually a pretty orange or red colour.

Placing pieces of bauxite in your home will help with managing anger and reducing tension. Moreover, you can put bauxite next to you whenever you’re meditating so that you find the peace and answers you are looking for easier.
While it does not necessarily bring clarity of the mind or transparency, it does sharpen your intuition and enhance your confidence in it.

3. Conglomerate

Throughout time, people have constructed this bad image of conglomerates. Some even say they are “ugly”. Forget that! Conglomerates are one of the prettiest types of ordinary, accessible stones.
They are usually used in the industry of construction, or as decoration, but I’d make myself a pudding stone ring at any time (If I actually knew how to).

Energetically, conglomerates have been used for ages by farm workers or people who felt that they needed to be protected spiritually. It is believed that it helps you recover all your wasted energy.

Conglomerates are clusters of often small pieces of other rocks, reason why they represent unity. They may also make working in groups easier.

4. Pumice

Pumice is a volcanic rock, most famous for its porosity. It gets its pores when the lava has water or several gases in it.
You may even call it “ponce stone”. Yes, the one you use to scrape the dead skin off of your heels. But I have also heard it being called “seafoam” as it’s porous, lightweight and floats on water.

Of course, it makes an excellent physical exfoliator for your feet or heels, but have you ever wondered about how it may help you on a psychological level?

Pumice has the property of dissolving negative energies into positive feelings. It gives you an optimistic view of the situation you are put in and helps you build positive responses to the negativity in your life. Some say that it even gets rid of the effects of past traumas.

Whether you choose to hang a piece of pumice in your bathroom, use it in gardening or keep it on your bookshelves as decoration… Do not expect it to radically change your life for the better by just being.

Stones will only help you if you believe in them. Furthermore, if you do not even try channelling your energy into achieving what you want to, stones just won’t do it for you. They are an item of help, but they can’t and will not replace the power of your own will.

Until you get to read the next part of my stone series and find more stones you could use, make sure to make the most of what you have got!

Stay safe and make good choices!


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