Ordinary stones-accessible alternatives to precious stones (part 2)


This is part 2 of the “Ordinary stones – more accessible alternatives to precious/semi-precious stones” series. If you haven’t read part 1, you can find it right here.
In this series, I talk about how and what accessible stones can be even more powerful than the stones you would usually hear be used in spiritual practices.

Besides the fact that stones, whether precious, semi-precious or ordinary, are great for decorating, they are energetical magnets. So, sure, you could use stones to decorate a water fountain or to make your room look prettier, but also for using your potential to its fullest and attracting luck.

The next stones I will introduce you to are:

1. Graphite

Graphite is a mineral form of crystalline Carbon. Its structure slightly differs from a diamonds’ structure. What makes it unique it’s its light and soft nature, but also its heat resistance.
You may recognise graphite from pencils or other art supplies. Its high conductivity of heat and electricity make it ideal to use in the making of lubricants, solar panels, electrodes, batteries etcetera.

Graphite is able to get rid of stereotypes, making the wearer stand out for his uniqueness. It enhances expressiveness and it is most powerful in restoring one’s motivation.

2. Schist

The schist is a metamorphic stone that forms when several igneous rocks metamorphose even further. It can contain graphite, mica and many others. Its name comes from the Greek “schízein” (to split), as it easily breaks into flakes under pressure.
As it is not enough strong, the schist is rarely used in the industry of building. However, you may encounter it in the form of paving, sculpture or various other decorative objects, as it is a beautiful rock.

You may not be aware of the fact that schist has the power of improving creativity and will power. It raises your levels of flexibility (physical or mental) and keeps negative energies and thoughts away.

3. Kimberlite

Kimberlite is a hard, strong igneous rock that oftentimes incorporates diamonds in its composition.
It is possible that you have heard of kimberlite pipes. These are some channels that get formed when magma finds its way through fractures in the Earth. As it cools down, it gets formed into kimberlite
veins that usually contain diamonds.

Kimberlite is the stone of manifestation. It helps you manifest whatever you want, by increasing your self-confidence and bringing clarity into your life and thoughts. I suggest using it during mediation or even when mentally displaying the pros and cons of the decisions you’re considering taking.

4. Sea salt

While not really a rock, I have still included it in this list. Sea salt has some energetical and health benefits that have been well-known since the latest times. It is common knowledge that it is better than rock salt, from all points of view. Saltwater is obtained by the evaporation of seawater.
It is used in cooking, preserving food, baths, in the making of cosmetic and self-care products, or even just for decoration.

In the Bible, salt is referred to as being a representative from or loyalty, permanence, purification, value.
It’s been thought that placing sea salt in the corners of your home will energetically cleanse it, giving off a fresh start and optimistic aftertaste. However, if you don’t toss it out after a day or two, the bad energies will multiply.

Stones have been here forever, they have seen it all. Whether you’re getting graphite in its raw form to display on your art corner or schist statues for your bathroom or garden, I’m pretty sure they will influence you in ways you have never even thought of.

Stay tuned for more information that will help you get the most out of them!


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