Old shows : 3 surprisingly great things about them

Watching an old show: 3 surprising good things about it

An old show with a dead fandom is something good and bad at the same time. Sometimes you might find yourself starting a series that aired a long time ago because it looks really appealing. But being an old show often means that you can’t really find any discussion about it on the internet, and most people are already over it. Even if they love it, they might not remember every detail, and speaking with them about wouldn’t be that exciting.

Even when it feels frustrating that people are not into it anymore and you feel like you are the only one interested, you might find out that there are still some benefits.

Here are 3 good things about watching an old show that has a dead fandom.

You won’t get any spoilers.

It is unlikely that you’ll accidentally encounter some unwanted spoilers on social media. You can rest assured. No one will destroy your hopes and dreams and you’ll be able to watch that series in peace, without the fear that you will come across a post that will spoil all your fun and the excitement, ruining it for you.

You can binge-watch it

You won’t have to wait for weeks to be able to finish it, which really helps if you are an impatient person like me. I’m always really curious about what’s going to happen in the next episode and all that waiting it’s killing me. That’s why I prefer to watch this kind of show because I can make my own decisions regarding how many episodes I want to watch in a day and where I’m going to stop.

You may find a lot of fanfics about it.

Because a lot of time has passed, you will find more and more fanfictions about your favorite characters. You may also discover that some have been written not a long time ago and that means that the author is also someone who just got into it recently. You might still have a chance to reach out to them and share your experiences. See? You’re not really alone so there’s no reason to sulk over it. Even if you are usually too shy to talk to them, there are a lot of blogs which contain old discussion about that series.

You shouldn’t let the fact that the show you want to watch has aired a long time ago bother you that much. There are many benefits to it and if you’re still pondering whether or not you should watch it, I strongly advise you to do so.

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