Oh Báron, Rose is also teasing you

Oh Báron

Haven’t you learned yet that you cannot manipulate me, Baron? I’ve been playing with fire all my life and it made my soul pitch black.

I’m your Rose, the one that made the Gods Of Death bow, the one that showed Aphrodite beauty beyond hers. I’m your love yet you are just a pawn in my game. You find yourself caught in my web, you don’t want to escape even if you plead of freedom.

Your thoughts are just my will made real! You thought I was who you wanted me to be, but you were wrong. Your life is mine to play and temper with.

Money isn’t a problem for you, yet you forgot that for me it’s all just pretty paper. You’ve always wanted this. Money.

I’ve touched you, Baron, deep enough to bring down your walls, walls that destroyed your life.

You were mine from the beginning

But in the end, you were just a piece to my game. You messed me up, hoped I would one day be yours, yet you ended up lonely in Paris that reminds you of the sweet scent of solitude. Yet you tried to play but you got burnt.

You seduced plenty of women but you still look at the stars, thinking of us, thinking of what we would have been. This kills you. It kills you to know you can’t touch me anymore.

You love to touch me

Make me dream about a universe where we are together. This universe existed when you left yourself vulnerable and I had desire inside me. I look towards the lonely stars and I think of you. Many wanted me. You still do and you pray to unknown gods to find me again.

You’re looking in the wrong place.

Your eyes pierce my soul. My playful smile turned you from a boy to a man. You thought it’s all kid’s games but you found yourself in love.

I’m your reality.

You’re nothing without me

You told me you’re all day alone. So I left you and came closer to my own. I dream about seeing you full of the same venom you gave me, endless.

Baron, pay no attention to other lovers. I want you, Baron but there’s only ash between us and we can’t refill the glasses of wine. I would fill them with your burning desire for me or with the whiskey you drink to forget my image.

You were everything and I lost myself. I’ve ended up alone in the darkness and I want you. I’m satisfied though. Because I know you’re praying for the day you get to feel my warm body next to yours.

I’m beautiful

I’ve denied this fact over and over again. In time I have become something you can’t compete with. Everything is a duel between us. Freedom was a lie in our love.

Everyone tried to own me, now I am the one that owns everything. Fear is not something that describes me. Ares is my father, my mother is Atena and that frightens you.

The cigarette we smoked together will always be the connection between our bodies that ear for each other.

Kiss me, I dare you to feel my pain.


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