Numismatics – The art and the study of collecting coins

People collect all sorts of things– from postcards, stamps and stones to weird things such as candy wrappers. I myself am a collector and I enjoy collecting things very much. When I was younger I used to collect stamps and now I buy magnets from every place I visit. I must tell you, my fridge is full of them. But, a few years ago, I started collecting coins. Why coins? Well, I have a little bit of everything: old coins to coins from every country I’ve visited and more. So, today I want to tell you all about this hobby of mine, called numismatics.

What is numismatics?

It’s basically the study or the collection of money, both coins and paper money. It is a hobby many people enjoy. Every coin from every country is unique and different in its special way. To be honest, every little thing that you can collect is special and has a certain “trademark”. But I feel like it’s different with coins, because they have a certain history.

Why is numismatics important?

Not only is it important because of the culture and the history it carries, but it also analyses the economic history of a society. I think it’s good for us to know our origins in order to improve. This is important not only when it comes to this science, but in every aspect of our everyday life.

A few reasons why you should start collecting coins

For me, it’s an enjoyable hobby because I’m always on the hunt for the “perfect” coin for my collection. I always want something new and outstanding.
Another reason why it’s so interesting is because of the fact that it is a piece of history. You can see that, if you compare older coins to newer coins, their design is different.
Most of the times, they have different personalities on them, so you look them up. So, there’s an educational aspect about them as well. It has a lot of history and culture.
Some people expect profit off it, some don’t. If you ask me, I do it for the fun of it. They have different shapes and designs that vary from each country or coin.
So, if you want to start your own collection, I heavily suggest doing so! It’s fun, challenging and a great ice-breaker.

If you want to start a collection, but you don’t know from where, think of the things that you enjoy and read about them! Join forums and various other groups, talk to people about it and expand your knowledge. It will be nice and beneficial for you in the long run!


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