Nostalgic Childhood Animations You Forgot Existed Part 1


If you’re feeling a little nostalgic take a trip down memory lane with these incredible animations you may have completely forgotten. Though I have to warn you: there’s nostalgia ahead!


  • Pucca


The boy-crazy girl that made us fall in love with her and her perseverance.

Even though Pucca stole our hearts, she never seemed to steal Garu’s, her long-time crush. Garu was a traveling ninja fighter whose only goal is to become a master kung fu fighter in order to defeat his nemesis, Tobe. However, he can’t escape love and he is aided in his journey by Pucca who helps her lover boy win in exchange for a kiss. The more kisses she receives, the more powerful she gets. A true hero.


  • Tutenstein


This show follows the bizarre yet wholesome friendship between a young girl named Cleo, her cat, Luxor, and… a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy. When Tutenstein is struck by lightning he comes back to life but never lets his friends or anyone forget he was once a king. However, the egotistical king slowly adapts to modern life and starts living life like a normal boy… who has been dead for the last 3 millenniums.


  • Codename: Kids Next Door


The treehouse of every kids’ dream!

This animation follows the fascinating yet mysterious adventures of a group of 5 10-year-old children who come up with various creative inventions to out-smart adults. Each of them has a specific job or task in the “gang”, but they all fight for the same goal. However, they encounter numerous obstacles in their way, but 5 brains are always better than 1.


  • The Tofus

Nostalgic Childhood Animations You Forgot Existed Part 1

The cartoon that first introduced us to a hippie family, The Tofus portrayed the life of a very in tune with nature, a handyman dad, their 2 teenage kids, and their grandma. With so many distinct personalities in one home, things are bound to get wild. Throw 2 goats in the mix and you have a recipe for family drama.


  • Life with Louie

For all of us who have seen this animation, Life with Louie will always have a special place in our hearts. However, we may have been too young to truly appreciate how funny and clever this show really is. So, it might just be the perfect time to rewatch it and fully enjoy it in all its glory.

The animation portrays the childhood of stand-up comedian Louie Anderson who shares his stories about growing up in Wisconsin with his family: his dad, a charming, yet odd character, his sweet and loving mom, and many brothers and sisters.


  • The Kids from Room 402


To this day, The Kids from Room 402 is personally my favorite cartoon that I’ve rewatched many times. Even though the animation itself is not too great, the storylines really make up for it!

Mrs. Graves teaches an elementary school class of children with very diverse and unique personalities and backgrounds. As the show progresses, we get to see more and more of their quirks shining through. And by the end, you are bound to relate to a character that reminds you of yourself when you were at that age.


  • What’s with Andy?


The original prankster, Andy Larkin is the main character of the animation that follows the mischievous adventures of a restless teenager. Andy is out to play a prank on everybody, which means nobody is safe, but also everyone’s a little annoyed with him. And all for his and our own viewing pleasure.


If you’ve never watched a few or any of these animations as a child, I wholeheartedly recommend you still give them a chance! You never know what you’re missing out on!


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