Nostalgia trip: childhood games


Reminiscing about my childhood makes me feel nostalgic. I guess it happens to all of us. I really miss the days when I had no worries in this big scary world. Just a few days ago I was walking by the kindergarten in my neighborhood that I went to when I was a child. It gave me a feeling of nostalgia and I felt like I was carefree kid once again. There was a time when the only things we had to worry about were the games we were going to play during recess. So, here are two of my favorite childhood games that I think we all miss playing: 

Hide and Seek 

Hide and Seek was one of my favorite childhood games. I used to play it with five or six friends from my neighborhood. The best hiding spots for us were the cars, the trees, or the buildings that surrounded us. The rules for this game are simple: one person closes their eyes and counts to a number that was chosen by the team. After that person is done counting, they have to find the others. I remember how I used to win this game every single time! But this only happened when I was the one hiding, not the one counting. 

Red Rover (Ţară, ţară, vrem ostaşi!) 

Another childhood game that I miss playing is “Ţarăţarăvrem ostaşi!”. It’s played between two teams. Therefore, it’s much better if there are more than five children tagging along. These two teams have to line up opposite each other and form a chain by holding hands. One team calls a player from the opposite team. The chosen player has to run towards the other team as fast as they can in order to break the chain of linked hands/arms. The game starts when the team that called a player out yells “Ţarăţarăvrem ostaşi!”. If the selected player fails, they are obliged to join the opposite team. If the chain is broken, the player is allowed to “capture” two members from the opposite team and make them join their team.  

The game ends when everyone joins one team and there is no one left on the opposite team. 


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