Nomophobia or the smartphone anxiety


Nomophobia or the smartphone anxiety is the fear of not having access to mobile phone networks and data traffic. This phenomenon is growing in modern society. The use of devices such as tablet, computer and especially smartphone has become essential today. The excessive “connection” to the Internet and their compulsive use can lead to negative effects on health, social relationships, work efficiency. Many people admit that they check their phones in the most diverse situations: during meetings at work, at church, in the bathroom, while driving, etc.

The impact of the smartphone

Whether we admit it or not, smartphones play an important role in our daily lives. Every day we are distracted by notifications, calls, messages and more from our mobile phone. Smartphones wake us up, send us “letters” in the mailbox, talk to us and keep us in constant contact with family and friends.

How many times a day do you check your smartphone? 10, 20, 50 times? And how long do you actually spend daily using one application or another? If the answer is “a few hours”, you are not alone. Recent studies show that we spend an average of 3 hours a day in front of the screen of a gadget. The “lost” time is enormous. This means that in a human life you will lose over 8 years sitting on your phone or tablet. Crazy, right?  The consumption of mobile content has grown almost exponentially since 2009 and does not seem to stabilize too soon.

More about nomophobia

The anxiety you feel is the separation anxiety from the smartphone which is also known as nomophobia (no mobile phobia). It is also a problem that, according to researchers, is a growing one and one that they are trying to understand. It seems that addiction to the phone or internet occurs because their use stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain, which changes our mood in a positive way.

The phone, unlike the tablet or computer, being smaller and always at our disposal, is much more likely to stimulate our compulsive need to use it and to connect to the internet at any time. Some researchers point out that addiction is not given by the phone itself, but rather by applications, games and the virtual world to which we facilitate access, but also by the “verification habits” that we develop using the phone.

How to know if you have smartphone anxiety?

Are you a little agitated when your smartphone isn’t with you? Wondering who else sent you messages, emails, who called you or who commented on your Facebook post? Find out if you have nomophobia. Nomophobia is characterized by:

-regular use of a mobile phone, spending a long time using it, wearing a charger with you to prevent the phone from discharging;

-anxiety and nervousness when the person does not have the phone at hand. When he does not have an internet connection or the phone unloads and he does not have the possibility to charge it;

-keeping the phone permanently open, sleeping with the phone in bed or in the immediate vicinity

-checking the phone for missed calls and messages, even if the phone did not ring or vibrate

-few social contacts in real life, which usually create anxiety and stress. They prefer communication through new technologies.

To get rid of smartphone anxiety, we should schedule our time better and do other activities that distract us from that little screen.


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