No more puzzlement, we know when Formula 1 will begin!

Formula 1

The pilot’s representative in Formula 1 praised the organization for the plan of the beginning of the season.

If so far there were only speculations about the start of Formula 1, well, it is now official! The season starts on July 5th, with the Austrian Grand Prize.

Alex Wurz, President of the Grand Prix driver’s Association, said he spoke with people representing Formula 1, such as Sebastian Vettel and FIA’s President, Jean Todt. They all praised how the F1 management handled the problem during the pandemic.

The season will begin in July!

Wurz has told the Guardian that all conversations were positive, so the season can start without any problems.

They try everything they can and in a typical way for Formula 1, the safety plan is immaculate. Pilots have been reassured from this point of view. I am confident that the right steps have been taken effectively and only outside circumstances can stop the start of the season in Austria in July.” – Alex Wurz stated.

Wurz points out that the only thing that could affect the start of the season would be a new wave of the pandemic.

Let’s hope that this will not happen and on July 5th we will be able to enjoy this sport!

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Source: Eurosport


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