No Coronavirus Patients in Wuhan Hospitals: Report

Coronavirus Patients in Wuhan

Mi Feng, the National Health Commission spokesman said on Sunday that there are no Coronavirus patients in Wuhan hospitals. To put it into context, we need to remember that Wuhan is the original epicenter of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Health officials said that the number of new patients in the city was zero. According to Reuters, Mi Feng credited the cooperation between medical staff from all over China.

According to Fox News, the lockdown in Wuhan ended on April 8. Still, a report from Business Insider said that the city is still under restrictions and healthy citizens need permits for restaurants or public transport.

China gives hope, it would seem, that the virus can be contained, however, the US is very skeptical. There are suspicions that Beijing’s statements of successful control of the virus might not be accurate, as neighbors such as Singapore face new outbreaks.

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The World Health Organization has been accused of being in China’s pocket during this pandemic. Donald Trump, the President of the United States didn’t fully believe in Beijing’s numbers and declared that Washington cannot verify them. He declared earlier this month that the number of cases appears to be a “little bit on the light side.”

Mr. Trump also said the US would cut off funding for W.H.O. The National Review reported that China would give another $30 million dollars to W.H.O. after the US move.

If true, no Coronavirus patients in Wuhan could certainly bring new hope to humanity’s struggle with the new virus.


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