COVID-19 Tests Now Allowed In Pharmacies In New York

Pharmacies tests

New York, the epicenter of the country’s COVID-19 outbreak will allow pharmacies to carry tests for the virus, says the governor of New York. Around 5,000 pharmacies will allow to carry out testing, with the aim of over 40,000 per day.

In the US there are more than 964,000 confirmed cases and 54,776 deaths from the virus. However, almost a third of that happened just in New York City.

Writing on Twitter on Saturday, President Trump blamed the media for their asks. Many heavily criticised him after his suggestion in Thursday’s White House news conference. Trump said that disinfectant injected in the body could be a treatment for the virus.

Doctors and manufacturers condemned his remarks, saying that it was dangerous. Disinfectants are hazardous substances and exposing the body to UV light will not cure anything.

Governor Cuomo announced on Saturday that antibody screening would be expanded at four hospitals. Moreover, independent pharmacies will now be able collect samples for coronavirus diagnostic tests.

Source: BBC News

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